Mario Strikers GameCube

Can you play Mario Strikers: Battle League on GameCube controllers?

By Olivia Richman


Jul 6, 2022

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Mario Strikers: Battle League has brought intense soccer action to the Nintendo Switch. It’s the latest in the series of Mario-themed soccer games that feature crazy abilities and hype animations. But can you play Mario Strikers: Battle League with a GameCube controller on the Switch?

Mario Strikers: Battle League is the third in the ongoing soccer series, with the first being Super Mario Strikers for the GameCube. Since this is the first system that many players experienced Mario Strikers on, some are hopeful they can rely a bit on muscle memory by playing the newest game with their trusty GameCube controller.

Unfortunately, GameCube controllers don’t appear to work with Mario Strikers: Battle League. There may be alternative solutions, however.

Which controllers are compatible with Mario Strikers: Battle League?

When we first purchased Mario Strikers: Battle League, we attempted to play using a GameCube controller plugged into an adapter. Unfortunately, none of the characters responded to our button inputs. It’s hard to find total confirmation that there’s no way to use a GameCube controller with the new Mario Strikers: Battle League game on Switch, but so far it doesn’t seem like the GameCube controller is an option for this new soccer game.

Here are the controllers you can use instead:

  • Joy-Cons – single or dual
  • Switch handheld
  • Pro Controller

The Pro Controller has the closest feel to using a GameCube controller. It can be used by connecting it to the Nintendo Switch via Bluetooth or by USB cord. Many people find the Pro Controller to be the best overall controller to use for Mario Strikers: Battle League due to its better grip, button size, and more comfortable feel.

Mario Strikers: Battle League controls

Mario Strikers: Battle League actually has a fair number of controls to remember. The game has fast-paced passing, shooting, and item usage. You can also dodge incoming tackles or do the tackling yourself if you don’t have the ball.

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To get a better feel for the controls, consider starting out with the game’s Training Lessons. These go from simple movements such as moving and passing to more complex actions like timing your Hyper Strikes just right.


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