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Can ChatGPT help you with gaming? What you should know

By William Davis


Oct 28, 2023

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The emergence of ChatGPT is one of the most significant tech stories of the decade. In the golden age of tech, AI has become the big news story, and ChatGPT is the poster child of development in sophisticated AI. ChatGPT can write long-form answers, help run companies, and even develop investment strategies, but how much can gamers benefit from this magnificent technology?

If you have just a basic idea of how ChatGPT works, it’s possible to program it to play games for you. Casino gaming is the most straightforward area, and it’s relatively easy to instruct ChatGPT to place your bets for you. For instance, if you wanted to put a $10 bet on red for every other spin in a roulette game, you could program an AI bot to efficiently perform it for you. 

Essentially, it would work like autoplay on a slot machine game – as long as you had the credit available, you could watch each spin until you manually stopped the bot or your credit ran out. The experts at casinotopsonline.com created a detailed guide that combines the pros and cons of using AI technology such as ChatGPT to enhance your casino gaming. Despite the technology only bursting onto the scene in the last year or so, the possibilities it presents for gamblers are staggering.

Other types of gaming with ChatGPT

While casino gaming is likely the easiest way to implement artificial intelligence, there’s really no aspect of gaming that can’t be changed or affected by AI. Regulators are already scrambling to determine when and where AI technology like ChatGPT can be safely used, which indicates its potential to disrupt hundreds of different industries. As well as CasinoTopsOnline, other companies have performed similar levels of research to see how much ChatGPT will impact their area of industry. The tech-heavy field of gaming is a natural fit for AIs like ChatGPT, with both players and developers using the technology to enhance the gaming experience.

Competitive esports MOBA League of Legends provides a textbook example of how ChatGPT can channel your gameplay and strategy. Players can use the bot to comb through hundreds of resources in a few moments. This can be used to pick the best champion for a game based on the enemy lineup. It can also be used to provide quick and simple guides for how to play characters, even providing matchup advice for the mid lane. Information that usually takes years to learn is now literally in the palm of every gamer’s hand.

The cons of ChatGPT in gaming

While casino gaming can bring out a lot of positives in ChatGPT, the whole purpose of the technology is to be a language model. Therefore, the primary goal is to answer or give long, structured answers to complex questions. At its core, it isn’t designed to play games, but given that it is a language model, it can be used to program responses within games. This means that quick decisions such as whether to go for a risky peek in Counter-Strike or how to pull off a gank in Dota 2 are still entirely on the player. In short, using ChatGPT while actively playing is usually not possible. 

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As this technology becomes more sophisticated and widespread, developers will begin to direct more of their profit, energy, and resources into developing and implementing AI. Expect to see instances of AI in gaming begin to avalanche. As more people seek out information about how AI works, there is likely to be a sharp increase in the number of people using the tech to play their games.

How AI could interact with other disruptive innovations

Other significant changes in gaming could occur because of cryptocurrency, blockchain and AI. Although ChatGPT has made the biggest splash, don’t underestimate how much blockchain, virtual reality, and other emerging technologies could change the gaming world. CasinoTopsOnline has highlighted their potential effects on the landscape of casino gaming in more detail. Broadly speaking, this technology will significantly alter both the casual and competitive worlds of video gaming. Microsoft has spent over $10 billion on AI technology, signaling the potential impact it could have on gaming.

The future of gaming with ChatGPT

Few inventions have been able to impact society as quickly as ChatGPT has over the last year. It has been banned from academic institutions, passed the bar exam, and become able to write long, detailed answers to complex medical questions. These proven abilities likely would have been laughed off as science fiction just a few short years ago. 

However, in 2023, ChatGPT is changing so many elements of society and is being incorporated into so many different types of businesses that it’s challenging to think of a future where it doesn’t play a pivotal role in our lives. It won’t just be gaming that sees a huge change – economic and business analysts believe that within the next decade, all industries will be affected by ChatGPT and other innovative AI models.

As CTO illustrates, ChatGPT is a game-changer in casino gaming, and other forms of gaming will inevitably follow a similar path. You can already perform several tasks with ChatGPT in many well-known titles. Plenty of gamers and experts believe that we are only at the start of something seismic, with AI having a major impact on how we as a society work and play. As long as regulation provides a solid foundation for companies to innovate, ChatGPT is certain to usher in some immense changes in the gaming industry.


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