Caedrel will guest the LCS next week, Kobe guests LEC

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The LEC and LCS will make a swap for the next week of games, with LEC’s Marc “Caedrel” Lamont and LCS’ Sam “Kobe” Hartman-Kenzler swapping places. 

As it was recently announced on the LEC broadcast, the analyst desk in both the LEC and LCS will see some changes for the next week. After becoming a regular part of the LEC broadcast in 2021, Caedrel will guest the LCS for the sixth and final week of the spring season’s regular split.

To make sure the LEC doesn’t lose out on valuable staff, Kobe from the LCS will guest the LEC to conclude the final week of the 2021 LEC Spring Split regular season. Both will participate at the respective analyst desks and likely bring a breath of fresh air to the two broadcasts. 

For Caedrel, it will be the first time he really gets to interact with the LCS broadcast after stepping down as a professional jungler back in November last year. Since then, Caedrel has become part of the Riot Games broadcast team for the LEC, after successfully casting games at the 2020 World Championship. Caedrel has quickly become a fan favorite in Europe through his natural talent for casting and in-depth knowledge about the game.

Kobe, on the other hand, is a veteran in his field and has been a part of the LCS broadcast since 2012. Just like Caedrel, Kobe is a former professional jungler even though his active career was all the way back during the first competitive season of the game. After a very short career on CLG, Kobe has been casting for the better part of eight years with several international events under his belt. 

For LEC caster Trevor “Quickshot” Henry, the swap between Caedrel and Kobe is exciting and a golden opportunity in these remote times. Quickshot also confirms that the two won’t be participating in the casting, but will be part of the analyst desk. 

“I’m so excited we can make this work with remote analyst desk for both,” Quickshot said. “Because of the complexities and delays neither will be able to cast, but I’m excited to hear some LEC Kobe on the AD and then LCS Caedrel.”


Having guests on the broadcast isn’t something new. LEC especially has grown fond of having guests on the broadcast, after having Nick “LS” Cesare on the analyst desk just a few weeks ago live from South Korea. LS is an avid live viewer of the LEC and often streams during the games to provide his own knowledge on opinions. This was translated very well to the LEC broadcast. 

Over weeks 6 and 7 of the regular split, LEC also brought in the founder of Korizon Esports Ashley Kang to do the player interviews after every game. The addition of Ashley Kang helped diversify the LEC broadcast and keep viewers engaged through new initiatives. The same will hopefully happen with swapping Caedrel and Kobe for the upcoming week. 

Caedrel and Kobe will be live on the LCS and LEC respectively on March 12. 


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