Cache’s new boost molotov can’t be stopped by Terrorists

By Nick Johnson


Feb 7, 2021

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Out of all of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’s maps, Cache is where players hear the words “boost me” the most. But it works and it’s hard for CTs to do anything about it. Even though Cache hasn’t returned to the competitive pool, players are still finding new grenades to defend the map’s most important area.

Finally, a safe CT molotov has been found to bomb boost without revealing the defender. Instead of being forced to throw the grenade from highway or when peeking out from Z, it is tossed from safety beneath the Z window. And unlike other molotovs for boost that can bounce oddly, this one explodes above the platform and showers it in fire.

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CSGO’s unstopabble Cache molotov for boost

First, players should move into position on the Z scaffolding. Run forward into Z, hop on the scaffolding box, and strafe right as far as you can go. The scaffolding pole will stop players from falling off. If players are still on the box and can’t move any further right, they’re in the right spot.

Now comes the hard part. We weren’t able to find any obvious crosshair references for this lineup and grenades that can’t be set up and thrown quickly aren’t good. But there’s something different about this lineup. Even on the lowest settings and throwing it twice, the lineup felt like muscle memory. 

Aim about a half inch below the brown mark on the wall and a little bit in from the right edge. Since the platform is wide enough, players should trend left instead of right when they’re practicing. 

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This is also a jumpthrow, so once players are lined up they should hit their jump key before releasing the grenade at the top of the jump. Most players use jumpthrow binds for this but luckily they’re not too hard to set up.

The original poster used a crosshair bind that made the crosshair larger when held down for the lineup so that’s an option as well for anyone struggling with this molotov.

The majority of initial CT deaths happen at middle and their killers come from boost more often than anywhere else. Those factors make this molotov one worth learning.  An open skybox on their side of the map allows critical grenades to block off CT defenders and the boost itself is responsible for the majority of T-side opening kills according to stats collected by HLTV.

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In other words, while Ts can throw grenades that are both safe and impactful, defenders are forced into the open. This molotov might switch that up.


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