Cache map creator FMPONE gives fans update on map revisions

By Steven Rondina


Apr 12, 2019

Reading time: 2 min

Cache is no longer part of the professional Counter-Strike: Global Offensive map pool, but that hasn’t slowed down its creator.

Map designer FMPONE has been working on a retooled version of the popular map for over a year and judging from social media, he has made serious headway. In a recent tweet, FMPONE showed off his progress in revising the map. Both bombsites, mid, highway, truck, and the area around the CT-side spawn have been completed.

Cache has been among the most popular CS:GO maps in recent years, rivaling the likes of Dust 2 and Mirage. FMPONE has been working on a redesigned version of the map for over a year. Details regarding specific changes have been scarce outside of an occasional screenshot of small areas.

One of the only real tastes of the new Cache came in November, when FMPONE showed off the new A bombsite in a video on YouTube. The site now features a rounded building across from truck, lined with street lights. This makes the angle harder to smoke off and gives players the ability to jump their way onto the street lights to completely negate such coverage, a major boon for CT-side players.

Though FMPONE has made serious progress on changing the map, there is still no release date for the new Cache. That news may frustrate some players.

Vertigo was added to the competitive map rotation last month while Cobblestone was removed. A few days later, Vertigo was added to the list of tournament-legal maps, replacing Cache. This raised the ire of many pro players who voiced their displeasure over having a relatively untested map suddenly forced upon them at the expense of a reliable classic.

Vertigo has undergone several revisions since its return to CS:GO last month and tournaments have already begun using it, but many still view it as a transitional level while Cache is undergoing reconstruction.

Though the majority of the map has been finished from a square footage perspective, there are still multiple key areas that need to be revisited. All of the T-side entryways to the bomb sites including A and B main, checkers, and squeaky are still in the works.

As such, a fans shouldn’t expect a Cache 2 any time soon.