Cache creator FMPONE gives another update, teases complete map

Steven Rondina • June 25, 00:36

The newest version of Cache might soon be arriving.

Cache creator FMPONE has been updating fans on the progress of his redesign of the popular Counter-Strike: Global Offensive map and judging from a recent tweet, he might actually be done. In the latest update he released a photo of the minimap with a checkmark across every single area:

FMPONE Cache rework update progress

No further information was given, but this could indicate that he has finished his overhaul of the map. But while this certainly cause for optimism from CSGO players that have been railing against Vertigo, there is a fair bit of mystery when it comes to this update.

Above the T spawn area, the word “apple” can be seen in the image’s background. Alongside the tweet, FMPONE made another post that contained nothing but an apple emoji. Additionally, the checkmarks over heaven, the main entrance to the B bomb site, and sun room were all red instead of green.

Naturally, fans were quick to present theories on what these could mean.

One popular theory was that more areas surrounding the B bomb site will be overgrown, somewhat similar to the tree room. Others wondered if it might mean the big reveal will come in “the Big Apple” this September at ESL One New York. Another theory is that it is some manner of reference to the infamous YouTube video where a woman traveled to Chernobyl to eat radioactive wild apples.

And of course, some joked that it could mean an iOS version of CSGO is inbound.

So when will the world find out the answer? That remains unclear. And when is the map going to launch? Unfortunately, that remains even more mysterious.

Cache was abruptly pulled from the professional CSGO map rotation in March and replaced with Vertigo. The reaction was immediately negative, but intensified further over time as Vertigo proved to be unready for professional competition. This resulted in players of all sorts waxing nostalgic about Cache and praying for its near return.

Though it seems likely that Cache is complete, it is anyone’s guess as to when the redesigned map could hit official servers. Hopefully more information will arrive soon.


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