Bwipo reportedly joining Team Liquid as new top laner for 2022

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After one split playing as a jungler, Fnatic’s Gabriël “Bwipo” Rau could potentially swap back to the top lane and do so in a completely new region. 

In a recent rumor reported by the Twitter account LEC Wooloo, it was discovered that Bwipo has reportedly “reached a verbal agreement” with Team Liquid as its new top laner for the 2022 LCS season. This would mean a role swap back to the top lane for Bwipo after playing only one split in the jungle for Fnatic with great success. 

This rumor follows shortly after current Liquid top laner Barney “Alphari” Morris was reported to join Team Vitality for the next season and return to Europe. With that rumor in mind, it would make perfect sense for Liquid to look for another star top laner to keep its spot as a top organization in the LCS intact. 

Bwipo possibly returning to the top lane in LCS

Bwipo originally entered the professional stage as a top laner, making his breakthrough when joining Fnatic in 2018. He would go on to play as the main top laner at Fnatic for several years before swapping to the jungle in May 2021. This was done to make room for the French talent Adam “Adam” Maanane who was picked up from the LFL team Karmine Corp. 

Since swapping, Bwipo has made a great impression as a jungler and been one of the keys for Fnatic’s solid summer split. With Bwipo leading the charge in the jungle, Fnatic secured a second place and a spot at the 2021 World Championship. 

This spot at Worlds would end up being a bit of a rollercoaster for the Fnatic team, which had to play without star bot laner Elias “Upset” Lipp. This resulted in a very lackluster Worlds run where Fnatic was knocked out in the group stage with only one win to its name. 

Despite the poor ending to the season, Bwipo still proved himself as a versatile player and leader throughout the season. Some would probably even argue that he has more potential as a jungler than as a top laner. If Bwipo moves to the LCS, it seems to be as a top laner where he will have to prove that he can bounce back into his old role. 

The transfer of Bwipo is yet to be confirmed by either Fnatic or Liquid but could happen as soon as the offseason officially starts. 


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