Bump mine maps are the hottest new CSGO community game mode

By Kenneth Williams


Feb 16, 2022

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Bump mine maps are the newest craze to hit the Steam Workshop in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

Bump mines are usually reserved for hopping around in Danger Zone, but creative map developers have started using them as a toy. Their unique interactions in the Source engine allows players to navigate through movement courses in an entirely new way. An innovative new game mode is just getting started as a result, and there are already a few bump mine Workshop maps for those who want to get in early.

In normal CSGO, bump mines are only available in Danger Zone battle royale. Jumping on them launches the player into the sky while maintaining their speed from the ground. They’re meant for quickly traversing massive Danger Zone maps, but Workshop artists have realized that they can do a whole lot more in the right setting. Some have begun creating special challenge maps centered around precisely tossing bump mines. The result is a strange but fun combination of surf, kz, and aim training.

This new game mode pulls elements from several existing CSGO minigames. Bump mine Workshop maps require precise air strafing similar to many surf maps. It also requires precise movement and jump timing akin to kz maps. Many also require the player to place the bump mine themselves mid-flight. There are no projectile weapons in CSGO, so this is more challenging than players might expect. If CSGO map makers continue to develop bump mine maps, they could stand alongside their older peers as a popular community-made game mode.

The best bump mine maps on the CSGO Workshop

CSGO bump mine maps are still in the early stage, but there are already a few great maps players can test their skills on. The best so far is Bump_Release by SandwichTV. The course includes nine bump mine challenges that test different skills ranging from air control to precise mine placement. The trippy background takes clear inspiration from surf maps, but the novel map design and difficulty give Bump_Release a feel all its own. SandwichTV also created the course shown in the video above.

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If you want an easier bump mine Workshop map to start out on, give bump_how2bump by Logamuffin a try. This course is considerably simpler and covers a lot of the basics of the game mode. The eight courses each introduce a new game element meant to ease players into the bump mine experience. Just be sure to use the mp_roundtime 60 console command to keep it running smoothly.


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