Stinger buffs Valorant

Bulldog and Stinger are getting nerfed in Valorant patch 4.07

By Fariha Bhatti


Apr 12, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Player favorites Bulldog and Stinger are landing under the nerf hammer in the latest Valorant patch 4.07 update.

Riot Games has churned out multiple weapon tweaks to balance the game’s arsenal based on player feedback. The recent Spectre and Ares changes have positively impacted the meta, forcing players to add variations to their weapon selection routines. This time, the famous rifle Bulldog and SMG Stinger have received minor changes. In Valorant patch 4.07 Riot Games has introduced various updates, but players are fixated on the weapon nerfs. 

What are the new Bulldog and Stinger nerfs in Valorant? 

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After the Valorant update 4.07, players will no longer be able to capitalize on burst mode accuracy due to a delayed firing input. Simply put, switching to burst fire mid-combat will become riskier due to compromised weapon accuracy. 

Players have long been complaining about the Stinger being too OP considering its small price tag. The SMG can wipe out multiple enemies in one spray at close range, and its sighted aim made it workable at longer ranges. For 950 creds, the Stinger was doing more than it should. Many players would opt for the SMG in eco rounds instead of a cheaper pistol, making it feel like an unfair gun.

The same was the case for Bulldog, which was slightly better in long-range duels. It is much pricier than the Spectre and Stinger but still offers too much value for 2,050 Creds. This will no longer be the case after the latest nerfs. A new delay to firing inputs while bringing the weapon to ADS will make players reevaluate switching to burst mode. 

Most players picked the two weapons for their accurate ADS that enabled long-distance kills. Players may now refrain from switching between burst and normal taps as this switch is specifically being nerfed. While these aren’t necessarily meta-shaking changes, dedicated Bulldog and Stinger players will sense a real difference. These changes may put Bulldog and Stinger somewhere closer to the Spectre and Odin as the viable eco-round weapon options. 

Valorant patch 4.07 upgrades VP shop

The new patch has upgraded the VP shop to load quicker. The market was glitching and loading too slowly for many players, marring their shopping experience. Players should now have a smoother experience in the VP shop.

Another notable update is the addition of new detections for different AFK behaviors in rotating game modes. Leavers and AFK players continue being a problem in Valorant as the game grows, and this new feature should improve the in-game experience. Apart from these changes, Riot has rolled out fixes for numerous bugs brought to attention by the community.