Bulgarian player spyleadeR returns to CS:GO with new Mortal Kombat

By Olivia Richman


May 17, 2019

Reading time: 1 min

After a five-month absence from competitive Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Emiliyan “spyleadeR” Dimitrov has returned under Mortal Kombat. 

“After being a free agent for a long time, I am finally back in the pro scene,” spyleadeR told HLTV.org

The MK lineup will also feature Nikolay “niki1” Pantaleev and Nikola “NK4Y” Radushev, who were removed from Bpro earlier in the week. Upon hearing of the duo’s release from their former organization, spyleadeR decided to reach out. 

Bpro had allowed its two former players to play on MK with spyleadeR despite the duo still being under contract with the organization at that time. 

“The moment niki1 and NK47 benched themselves, we decided to create something from scratch,” spyleadeR said. “I am very happy to present this project. The future is bright and there are good things in front of us.” 

MK’s new squad also consists of young and upcoming 15-year-old Blagoi “Oxygen” Dimitrov and the 20-year-old Victorio “SAIKY” Goranov. According to spyleadeR, MK is the “perfect mix of experienced and young players.” 

spyleadeR has been playing for MK on and off since the summer of 2016, when he founded the team without major organizational backing. He has also played for Team Orbit, GPlay.bg, and The Imperial throughout his CSGO career. spyleadeR is often recognized as among the most prominent long-time Counter-Strike veterans in Bulgaria, where he also played for HEADSHOTBG and DooM. 

Creating the new MK roster seems to have sparked spyleadeR to become competitive in the game once again. 

“Overall, the atmosphere in the team is very good. The players are motivated, and we are already close to signing with an organization!”