Build to TI10 kicks off with Collector’s Cache, merch Call to Arms

Neslyn Apduhan • February 18, 2020 10:53 am

The countdown to The International 2020 in Stockholm, Sweden has officially begun. Valve has announced The International 2020 Call to Arms for the TI10 Collector’s Cache and merchandise. 

Notably, Valve did not tip its hand regarding the theme of TI10. Last year’s Call to Arms hinted at an overgrown, enchanted jungle theme which was eventually realized with the Wrath of the Mo’Rokai game mode and Jungle Expedition portion of the battle pass. 

Valve is giving designers a bit more creative freedom this year, it seems.

“We’re not looking for sets confined within a specific theme. We encourage artists to explore any ideas they think will be compelling additions to their favorite hero’s item collection,” Valve posted.

Interestingly, Valve did put some surprising restrictions in place by advising people to avoid themes of human skulls, blood, or gore. The deadline for submission is April 27, 2020 and fans will be able to start seeing submissions on the Dota 2 workshop soon.

Successful entries will be included in the TI10 Collector’s Cache, or will be turned into merchandise at the event.

TI10 battle pass likely three months away

The International 2020 marks the 10th installment of the prestigious Dota 2 event. Fans are expecting Valve to prepare huge, exciting things to celebrate the occasion.

The battle pass for The International 2019 was a smashing success as it amassed a $34,330,068 prize pool, blowing away last year’s record and even eclipsing the $30 million prize pool of the Fortnite World Cup, which was seemingly created to wrest the top prize pool record away from Dota 2.

That said, the last six months have been disastrous for Dota 2. The end of the TI9 battle pass, poorly received matchmaking changes, and general malaise among the fan base has resulted in worrying player count lows, despite booms in other esports titles such as League of Legends and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

That makes TI10 an important event for the game as it looks to correct the game’s course. Expect the TI10 battle pass to arrive at some point in May.


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