Brimstone now has a secret office in Valorant’s firing range

By Fariha Bhatti


Nov 3, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

A secret room has been added to the range, offering players more information about Brimstone’s past.

Valorant lore continues to become denser as the game gets older. Riot Games has slipped in a secret door to Brimstone’s office, which shines a light on the agent for the first time.

Newer agents in Valorant have enjoyed tons of spotlight in terms of lore and background. Most stories are developments based around new agents like Astra, Kay/O, Killjoy, and Chamber. However, the developer has brought a member of the original roster to the fore in a recent update. The secret corridor under the range leads to a dark room, which appears to be Brimstone’s safe haven.

The door under the range is now accessible, which leads to a dull room that plays melancholic music. It’s the same tune that was teased pre-update. The room is adorned with small frames that allow a peek inside Brimstone’s life. The photo frames showed a young Brimstone with a friend on a baseball field. The same friend appears in other photos as well, including one where Brimstone is wearing a military uniform.

Players have been speculating about this “friend.” Some believe it ties to the “No one left behind” card where Brimstone was carrying a dead person to safety. Many fans speculate that this dead friend is likely Kay/O, who turned into a robot after strange events. Kay/O has a few voice lines that hint at a past relationship with Brimstone, specifically on a battlefield.

Another frame shows Brimstone with his students in a similar uniform with an orange beret. It likely means that he’s not a solo operative, but is part of a larger division. This force is probably Kingdom’s as Brimstone has a K logo stamped on his vest.

The room also includes audio and text messages from Viper, another member of the original roster. Viper informs Brimstone that the team has finished a sweep of Everett-Linde, the destroyed facility on Fracture. Whereas Killjoy requests more funding to complete her research on the teleportal at the Fracture facility.

It remains to be seen how this information adds to the recent mirror universe lore which was highlighted in the Chamber reveal trailer. With Chamber’s addition and Brimstone’s essential part in the trailer, players should expect original agents to be at the frontline of the legend.