Brimstone buffs are set for upcoming Valorant update

Olivia Richman • January 7, 2021 6:46 pm

Brimstone’s pick rate might see a spike in Episode 2. 

For the entirety of 2020, Brimstone was one of the least-picked agents in Valorant. According to statistics from The Spike, Brimstone had a 0% pick rate in the First Strike North America regional final alongside Sage and Viper. On the European side, Brimstone was played on just four maps. 

Brimstone is also an unpopular choice for casual players climbing the competitive ladder due to an underwhelming kit.  A frustrated Valorant player recently took to Reddit to air their concerns about Brimstone. In the Omen meta, Brimstone doesn’t see a lot of play due to his inferior smoke ability. The fan suggested some buffs to Brimstone’s smokes, including more range and even being able to pick smoke spots before the round begins. 

To the surprise of the Valorant community, Riot developers answered. 

“Brimstone buffs are coming very soon,” Valorant developer Coleman “Altombre” Palms exclaimed. 

Excited Valorant fans immediately came up with more suggestions for buffing Brimstone, including an increase in his smoke’s duration and a different way of viewing the map. There were a number of fun and interesting ideas, but it’s unknown what the Brimstone buffs will be or even when they will arrive in-game. 

Since Episode 2 is starting on January 12, it’s probable that the Brimstone changes will be included in the update. The buffs might simply be a smoke tweak or even an entire kit rework. Right now fans will have to wait and find out. 

What does Brimstone do in Valorant? 

Brimstone’s strategy revolves around using the mini-map to his advantage. Two of the agent’s abilities open up the mini-map and drop airstrikes that either support his team’s movement or hold back incoming enemies. For example, Sky Smoke allows Brimstone to launch three smoke grenades from the sky, making it difficult for opponents to wade through the opaque smoke. Unfortunately, it’s not as powerful as Omen’s smokes, making Brimstone’s abilities rather useless to competitive players. 

How long does Brimstone’s smoke last? 

Brimstone’s Sky Smoke ability lasts about four seconds. Attacking teams will often use the smoke after they have planted the Spike. When the defensive team approaches the Spike to defuse it, Brimstone will call in his Sky Smoke ability on the site. This disorients the defenders, allowing the attackers to quickly approach and protect the Spike. 

Where is Brimstone from in Valorant? 

Brimstone is an agent from the United States. Unfortunately, not much more is known about his background. According to Riot, Episode 2 will include a lot more lore, allowing players to learn more about the agents and stories behind Valorant. 


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