Brigitte gets a special goat skin in honor of GOATS meta

By Morten Marstal


Jan 21, 2020

Reading time: 2 min

Blizzard has announced a new GOAT Brigitte skin, an homage to the Overwatch League meta that just about everyone hated in spite of its very long tenure on the game’s biggest stage.

“To celebrate the Greatest Of All Time,” Blizzard tweeted. “Goat Brigitte will be available February 6 to kick-off the start of #OWL2020.”

The reaction was instant and varied widely. Overwatch content creator Tom “Stylosa” Stewart chimed in with disapproval.

“Yeah, I’m gonna need you to delete this abomination,” Stylosa said.

A lot of fans chimed in about their ill memories of the GOATS meta, which stood for “Go All Tanks and Support”. The meta was rarely seen without Brigitte involved, and sometimes the team fights just depended on who played the mace wielding support better. Fans echoed memories of boring fights with predictable outcomes and a general disinterest in the competitive side of the game during the time in which GOATS was the meta. 

Meanwhile, other fans loved the look of the new skin, regardless of its meaning. From head to toe the skin radiates goat energy. Brigitte’s hair is purple with horns coming out of her head, she’s got goat pauldrons and what seem to be more horns on the elbow. The white armor continues all the way down to her hoof-inspired shoes. On her shield is an angry looking goat, and the design is mirrored on her back armor as well.

The skin will be made available to fans on February 6, but it isn’t yet clear how fans can obtain this skin. Most believe it will be through the standard Overwatch League currency that is used to purchase official OWL team skins.

The new season has a lot riding on it for Blizzard and the OWL. This is the first year that teams will travel to franchise’s home cities to play live matches in front of fans around the globe. OWL executives, team owners, and investors are looking closely at the success of this season as the league’s global reach grows.

The new skin is made to mark the beginning of the new OWL season, which starts on February 8. There’s no word on how many tokens the skin will cost, or if it will be possible to earn the skin through other means such as watching OWL match streams.