Breeze site changes leaked ahead of Valorant Episode 4, Act 1

By Nicholas James


Jan 6, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

The hype train heading towards Valorant Episode 4, Act 1 and the new agent Neon hasn’t been slowing down, with more big reveals coming from Riot Games.

Riot Games revealed changes coming to both bomb sites on the map Breeze. The goal seems to be making the map more dynamic, giving more chances for both defenders and attackers during rounds.

In a series of screenshots released for Valorant Episode 4, Act 1, Riot Games’ Japan branch revealed that Breeze’s spike sites are getting significant alterations to make them more balanced.

On the A site, two significant changes have taken place. Firstly, a two-box stack has been added to the left side of A site’s cave for approaching attackers to sneak up behind. This will prevent long holds with an Operator by offering more cover. This cuts off the angles that defenders can use from the back of the site and forces them to play a wider and riskier angle towards the edge of the site.

The second change is the expansion of the crates on the defenders’ side of A site. Instead of the small stack of boxes, there is now a massive Kingdom Corporation shipping container that blocks off much more of the back of the site. This makes defense easier for teams who don’t want to commit to a fight for the mouth of the cave. The A site is becoming more dynamic for both sides, with the loss of powerful angles likely to force players to discover and use new strategies.

Changes also coming to Breeze’s B site in Valorant Act 4, Episode 1

The only change to Breeze’s B site is the addition of a box stack on the wall leading towards defender spawn. This changes a few things for both defenders and attackers. Now, attackers have a slightly safer side when approaching from the middle tunnel, but defenders are still able to catch them from the twin arches on the back of the site before attackers make it to the wall.

Overall, these small tweaks should push Breeze in a healthier and less static direction in both ranked play and professional circuits.


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