Botez sisters accused of defending slavery in Dubai during Q&A

By Olivia Richman


Dec 5, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Chess stars Alexandra and Andrea Botez have been accused of defending slavery in Dubai. The Twitch streamers were conducting a Q&A when they appeared to defend what some refer to as “modern slavery” taking place in Dubai.

The Botez sisters are currently located in Dubai during a world tour that has them playing chess pros from different countries. While in Dubai, the chess stars hosted a live Q&A session. One viewer decided to ask them their opinion on the foreign laborers living in subhuman conditions in Dubai.

“We are in Dubai so we are not gonna say anything in particular about the country. The only thing that bothers me is when people from the first-world or developed countries s— on developing countries for doing things that those developed countries also did in the first place,” the sisters responded.

The Botez sisters went on to say that it was “ignorant,” but added that they don’t support “modern-day slavery” in Dubai.

Twitch community accuses Botez sisters of defending slavery in Dubai

The response to the question didn’t sit right with many in the streaming community who watched the Botez sisters’ Q&A session. The answer was immediately clipped and shared around social media, with many accusing the pair of defending slavery altogether.

Some pointed out that just because another country may participate in a similar practice doesn’t make these problems in Dubai okay. Some called the Botez sisters “privileged” for their response to the issue. Others felt the Botez sisters were using “mental gymnastics” to avoid condemning Dubai, while some felt they were using “whataboutism” to deflect the question as the sisters made mention of the American prison system after being asked about inhumane working conditions in the United Arab Emirates.

After the backlash, the Botez sisters decided to delete the controversial clip. But this only led to more drama, with people accusing them of not sticking to their original point. Some fans felt that they weren’t standing by their words while others said that the Botez sisters had “no conviction” and were already under the influence of the Dubai government.

The Botez sisters have yet to respond to the continued criticism of their words. While it clearly has rubbed many people the wrong way, other fans are standing up for the sisters by stating that the answer was “tone deaf” but not actually represent the sisters standing up for slavery.