Boombl4’s girlfriend answers marriage proposal, but who is she?

Kenneth Williams • November 8, 14:46

Natus Vincere’s in-game leader Kirill “Boombl4” Mikhaylov is looking to form a new team with his girlfriend back home.

The PGL Stockholm Major had a ton of firsts for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. It was the first CSGO major in two years. It was Oleksandr “s1mple” Kostyliev’s first-ever Valve event victory. It’s also the first time a CSGO player gave a marriage proposal right after winning the biggest tournament in history.

In the trophy-lifting ceremony, James Banks gave each Natus Vincere player some time to express their feelings about the win. In-game leader Boombl4 used the moment to ask his number one fan a very important question. It didn’t take long for her to respond.

Boombl4’s girlfriend was not in Stockholm due to travel restrictions, but she was watching the tournament from Moscow. An image of her private social media story leaked, showing a positive response.

Who is Boombl4’s girlfriend?

Not much is known about Boombl4’s girlfriend. Her Instagram is private, but the biography has been changed to include her wedding plans with her “beloved Kirill Boombl4.” It only includes that she works in the health field and uses the account as a blog.

She does not seem to be involved in esports or gaming in any way, but she surely supports her fiance’s CSGO career. While mostly private, the pair have posted a handful of photos on social media.

Who is Boombl4?

Boombl4 is the in-game leader for Natus Vincere’s CSGO team. He first broke out as part of Quantum Bellator Fire then transferred from Winstrike Team to Na’Vi in 2019 as a rising talent. Many fans doubted his ability to fully replace quadruple-major champion Danylo Ihorovych “Zeus” Teslenko, but he’s become a fan favorite due to his friendly attitude and unique play style. 

While he primarily functions as the Na`Vi in-game leader, Boombl4 is also a potent entry fragger who is particularly skilled in eco rounds. Boombl4’s playstyle shifts between an entry fragger and a lurker. He’s just as likely to be hiding in a random corner as he is to rush the enemy spawn. He’s also one of the few top players to give the Dual Berettas an honest try in tournament play. 

Boombl4’s name is pronounced “Boom-eech.” In his native Cyrillic, it is written as “Бумыч.”  The ч, which is a “ch” sound, is converted to a 4.


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