Boombl4 possibly pursuing rap career after Na’Vi kick scandal

Kenneth Williams • June 26, 2022 5:44 am

Kirill “Boombl4” Mikhaylov is known for coordinating Natus Vincere’s Major championship, but his next hustle could be making rap music full-time.

Former Natus Vincere Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player Boombl4 may be starting a music career after his abrupt kick from his former team. The in-game leader has posted multiple videos of himself rapping on social media. Boombl4 has previously sung and rapped in promotional materials for the Na’Vi CSGO squad. 

The move comes after Boombl4’s controversial removal from the Major-winning Natus Vincere CSGO roster. A separation and subsequent controversy was possibly spurred by an image of Boombl4’s girlfriend seemingly supporting Russia during its ongoing conflict with Ukraine. Boombl4 originally proposed to her after winning the $2 million Stockholm Major in late 2021.

Boombl4 posts rap videos after Na’Vi kick

Boombl4 has been posting new The video shows Boombl4 in a recording studio, possibly accompanied by a producer. The camera pans to show a pianist out of frame singing along. Boombl4 has not confirmed if he plans to take his music career seriously, but he’s definitely recording some rap songs.

While it may come as a complete shock to some fans, this is far from the first time Boombl4 has busted a rhyme. He previously rapped and sang in some promotional content for the Natus Vincere CSGO team.

Although there’s plenty of cash to earn from rapping, Boombl4 has already earned a lot of money during his professional CSGO career. According to Esports Earnings, Boombl4 has earned approximately $1,069,330 throughout his competitive career in prize winnings alone. The Stockholm Major alone earned him $400,000 from the championship prize and an Intel Grand Slam. This is in addition to money made through team salaries and sponsorships.

It’s also possible that Boombl4 is just having some fun in the studio and will look for a new CSGO team after his musical break.


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