Blizzard reveals when Echo will finally be available on console

Olivia Richman • April 10, 19:43

Blizzard has announced that Echo will be released to the public on April 14.

“Following the flight plan. Echo swoops into Overwatch on April 14!” Overwatch tweeted.

The accompanying clip appears to be a possible new Highlight Intro.

Echo is the newest Overwatch hero and players have been practicing with her on PTR for a week. The 32nd hero is actually the last hero Blizzard will be releasing for Overwatch in 2020, so fans have been anxiously awaiting her arrival.

But they’ve also been a little unsure if Echo might be too powerful and ultimately throw off the current meta.

Echo may still be OP, even after recent nerfs

Echo has been nerfed multiple times while being practiced in PTR. The latest Public Test Region update was March 25. It focused on her Sticky Bombs, which had their damage reduced from 30 to 25. The overall cost of her ultimate, Duplicate, saw a 16% increase.

In earlier nerfs, Echo saw her mobility targeted. While practicing in PTR, many players found ways to maintain Flight’s original speed boost throughout the entire time the hero is in the air. This greatly increased her movement speed while airborn. Now, Echo can only maintain that speed when the ability is first activated, with that boost being followed by a slower glide.

While Echo has been nerfed significantly, Overwatch fans still wonder if Echo will be OP. Overwatch League superstar Jay “sinatraa” Won has already predicted that she will be picked 95% of the time in competitive play due to her high mobility and the ease at which she can melt tanks and shields.

This has led to many discussions on possible compositions we’ll see once she is playable in competitive modes. While there are many heroes that work well with Echo to further boost her already scary ultimate, most comps will most likely revolve around countering the opponent’s Echo. This means many heroes with strong ultimates might be avoided in order to give the enemy Echo fewer options.

For now, Echo will most likely be released in Arcade only, under a No Limits game mode. This will allow console players to finally get their hands on the new hero and test out her abilities for themselves.


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