Blizzard and Nerf team up for Overwatch Nerf guns

By Rebekah Drake


Nov 16, 2018

Reading time: 1 min

Blizzard has teamed up with toy company Hasbro to create a line of Nerf replicas of some of the Overwatch’s most iconic weapons.

Two different ranges of Nerf Gun, the Rivals line and the Micro Shots line, were revealed during the ‘Blizzard Gear: Past, Present and Future’ panel at Blizzcon.

According to Hasbro, the Nerf Micro-Shots are intended for a younger demographic, as they are  “super miniature” versions of the nerf weapons. Each weapon has a compact design based on in-game Overwatch weapons and fire the traditional nerf darts. The range includes Torbjörn’s Rivet Gun, Tracer’s Pulse Pistol, and D.Va’s Light Gun.

The second line, the Nerf Rival collection, are high performance blasters for older collectors. The Rival collection are built for more accuracy and power than the Micro-Shot range, and fire small foam balls rather than the longer darts. Reaper’s Hellfire Shotgun, McCree’s Peacekeeper, and D.Va’s Light Gun will all be available in the first release wave, and are available from Gamestop beginning January 1.

A special edition of the Hellfire Shotgun will also be available, and will feature two shotguns and a collection of ammunition. Called the “Weight Edition,” the limited collectors pack will also include a detailed replica Reaper mask.

While D.Va’s pistol and Reaper’s shotgun had been previously teased, this was the first time McCree’s peacekeeper had been revealed. The reveal included a special guest appearance to the panel by McCree voice actor Matthew Mercer.  

The panel also showcased a number of upcoming merchandise lines, including a new range of Overwatch collectibles by Hasbro. The only item available for preview was a detailed figure of Mercy, and no pricing or release date was announced.