Blade of Mercy in Elden Ring DLC — location and how to get it

By Fariha Bhatti


Jun 21, 2024

Reading time: 2 min

Elden Ring is renowned for being one of the most challenging RPGs and the new Shadow of Edrtree DLC takes the difficulty to the next level. Owning a Blade of Mercy can help you navigate through the Shadow Realm, but where can you find it?

After months of waiting, players finally got their hands on Elden Ring DLC, which, according to the community, is way more difficult than the original game. The mysterious new Realm of Shadows is littered with deadly bosses, but new spells and items should help players get armed.

One such new item is Blade of Mercy, which is essentially a Talisman. It’s extremely powerful since it increases attack following each critical hit, helping you boost damage inflicted. However, it’s hidden in an unlikely spot that players eager to beat the DLC may not check.

But, since this Talisman is extremely powerful, it’s worth getting sidetracked. Here’s how to get the Blade of Mercy in Elden Ring DLC.

Blade of Mercy in Elden Ring DLC location

The Blade of Mercy can be found at the top of the Scorched Ruins in Gravesite Plain, north of the starting cave where you begin your journey into the Realm of Shadows.  

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The item is lying in the chest on the top of the crumbled cathedral. To get there, you need to find stairs inside the building and ascend to the top. Once you find a red cloth-like material, use it as a bridge, and enter the door on the left.

You’ll now come across a closed door. Push it open and you should find the Blade of Mercy inside a treasure chest. You can now claim it and use it to defeat enemies that are waiting for you in the Land of Shadows.

While this is not the best Talisman to defeat the more difficult bosses, Blade of Mercy can be acquired right at the beginning of the game. Using this, you can progress past initial hurdles and let you find deadlier items to beat the DLC.