Birmingham FC hosts free FIFA 22 event with prizes up for grabs

By Kenneth Williams


Sep 27, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Skilled FIFA players will soon have a chance to win some cash at St. Andrews Stadium.

Birmingham FC has announced a free open FIFA 22 tournament with a substantial grand prize at its center. The PlayStation event is completely free to enter and sports a £1,750 prize purse. The open qualifiers for Battle of the Blues will begin on October 16. After winning the online qualifier, eight competitors will duel in person at the team’s home stadium St. Andrew’s.

The free event is a dream come true for aspiring FIFA players. Battle of the Blues is an opportunity to win cash prizes and a special trip to Birmingham’s most famous football stadium. Eight skillful players will get a chance to visit the town of Birmingham and potentially meet the club’s pro football players. All it takes is access to a PS5, signing up and showing off your FIFA skills.

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The qualifier for Battle of the Blues will begin on October 16. Only eight players will be invited to St. Andrew’s after the two-day group stage. Once there, the eight finalists will compete in a single-elimination bracket to take home £1,750 in prizes. In addition to the cash, final competitors will receive customized Birmingham FC jerseys to commemorate their tournament runs.

How to join FIFA Battle of the Blues

The £1,750 Battle of the Blues is completely free to enter on Challenger Mode. 256 qualifier slots are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Competitors must own a PlayStation and a copy of FIFA 22, but the competition isn’t strictly limited to British players. As long as you can make it to St. Andrew’s, you can compete in Birmingham FC’s FIFA esports tournament. 

The Battle of the Blues will use a special rule set to commemorate its hosts. Both players will use Birmingham City FC’s roster on 90 Average mode with six-minute halves. 256 players will enter, but only eight will earn a chance to play live at St. Andrew’s.


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