Biggest LoL Season 11 changes shown in Preseason 2021 Spotlight

By Christian Vejvad


Nov 10, 2020

Reading time: 2 min

The big 2021 preseason patch is approaching and to help guide players through the many changes, Riot has released a brief preseason spotlight video. 

In the video, Riot presents the big item overhaul that will force players to relearn the whole item system in the game. With the introduction of the new Mythic items, champion builds will be constructed in a completely different way with a lot of new unique features. Riot’s ultimate goal has been to create more builds, playstyles, and strategies through the new items.

Riot also briefly goes over the new in-game shop, including a completely new, more effective design. The recommended tab in the new shop simplifies item purchases for players that are not too familiar with the different build paths. The shop will automatically adjust the recommended page to the matchups within the specific game, which means that the page will be different from game to game.  

In the all-items tab, players will be able to see all the available items in the game and use the new filters to make it easier to navigate. There will be filters for stats, class, popularity, and price. It will also be possible to make fast purchases through the quick-buy sidebar.   

Lastly, most items have received new icons which will need to be distinguished from some of the new items that were added. 

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Aside from the preseason spotlight, Riot has also provided one of the longest sets of patch notes in League of Legends history. The patch notes include all the new items, icons, skins, and champion balance changes. The list is so long that it will likely take a few hours to consume completely. 

The next patches will be a learning process for everyone, while Riot will continue to address unbalanced items and bugs within the new system. 

The preseason patch is available on the live servers from November 11. 


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