Beyond the Summit to hold first CSGO RMR event of 2021

Nick Johnson • April 7, 2021 7:22 pm

Beyond the Summit will host Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’s first regional ranking tournament of 2021, according to tweets from both BTS and the official CSGO Twitter account.

The event is scheduled to take place starting on May 14, with a champion being crowned on May 30. It will feature open qualifiers for teams that want to compete. It’s also likely that any RMR points from last season will carry over to participating teams this year, meaning that all of North America’s big names should be in attendance. The announcement gives any teams wishing to switch regions around 45 days to make their move.

Beyond the Summit to host NA’s first CSGO regional ranking tournament

Valve created the RMR system last year after it was forced to postpone the ESL One Rio Major. The tournaments were meant to keep teams competitive in the long wait until Rio took place in November, but the event was ultimately canceledentirely. 2020 saw several more regional tournaments come together from there, with Valve announcing that PGL would host the 2021 Major in Stockholm, Sweden.

The reveal of North America’s first RMR tournament also came with changes to Valve’s posted rules for the tournaments. In unannounced changes to the rules, Valve will now allow substitute players before the regional competitions, but it will cost a team 20% of any regional ranking points it currently has. The news was accompanied by Beyond the Summit’s customary teaser trailer that showed off this year’s theme for the tournament.

It looks like a mysterious mashup of past and future for this year’s tournament, with the trailer featuring a standout Mirage play by MIBR’s Gustavo “yel” Knittel with shots of a fortune teller and crystal ball to break up the action. It’s possible that the trailer is another tease from Valve and the rumored changes to the popular map. Regardless, the trailer’s visuals are impressive, with slow-motion shots, stunning graphics, and a thumping soundtrack to hype up fans of competitive CSGO.

With the announcement of North America’s first regional major tournament, announcements for the rest of CSGO’s regions are likely on the way.


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