Belle Delphine says she was “arrested” during disappearance

By Olivia Richman


Oct 8, 2019

Reading time: 4 min

Cosplay model Mary-Belle Kirschner, known as Belle Delphine, stated that she was arrested over her pet hamster. 

The controversial influencer went dark on social media in August, which led to wild speculation over what led to her disappearance. Theories quickly escalated and her being arrested became a widely popular rumor, mostly thanks to YouTuber Ethan “h3h3” Klein’s podcast. 

h3h3 had theorized that her possible legal troubles stemmed from her selling $30 bottles of GamerGirl Bathwater to literally thirsty fans. The bottles sold out almost instantly, followed by a jug of bathwater for $10,000. 

“Her real store is offline, which makes me wonder if she got into legal trouble. Because shipping bath water, I don’t think it’s legal,” h3h3 said. 

Feeding into the rumors, Delphine posted a mugshot-style photo to Twitter with the caption, “I got arrested.” 

Was Belle Delphine actually arrested? 


The photo of Delphine depicts the provocative cosplayer with an uncharacteristicly large mustard-yellow shirt and mascara streaked down her cheeks. There is also a Metropolitan Police watermark in the bottom left, although reverse Google searches don’t bring up any results for the photograph. This leaves people wondering if the photograph is even a genuine mugshot. 

Still, Delphine decided to share a story leading up to her alleged arrest on Twitter yesterday.

“This girl came to my party and stole my hamster. I have no idea why, or who the fuck does that? I spray painted the fuck out of her car and got arrested. At least I got my hamster back. Bitch,” she tweeted

Delphine included a screenshot of a conversation she supposedly had with the hamster thief, although no names, dates, or other information is provided. The conversation appears to have been created in Photoshop, but could very well be authentic conversations Delphine compiled in a photo editing program to keep everyone’s identities hidden. It’s important to note that Delphine and her alleged friend in the green text block both write the exact same way, including the use of two question marks. 

Delphine provided further proof to support her story by showing photos of a car with the words “Bitch, give me my hamster back” painted on the side in red. Curiously, the letters are possibly scrawled in actual paint, not spray paint like she said in her tweet.

There is also a photo of her in the same mustard-yellow shirt holding a paintbrush, suggesting she documented her act of vandalism. That said, it wouldn’t be shocking for a social media star to take the photos for clout later on. 

The combination of the mugshot that was not publicly released, alongside the questionable photos of her committing a crime makes it easy to call into question whether she was actually arrested or if this is just a story to garner attention.  

Belle Delphine accused of lying to her Patreon patrons


Belle Delphine is mostly known for her sexually suggestive photos and videos on Instagram and Twitter. In fact, her content was so sexually charged that her Instagram account was suspended in July. Despite this persona, Delphine has consistently not delivered after promising fans even more revealing content. 

Delphine first trolled her fans by promising to create a Pornhub channel if she received 1 million likes on Instagram. While she did actually create the channel, the videos were not pornographic in nature. Instead, she had uploaded even more sexually suggestive videos that contained flirty jokes rather than nudity. 

Despite this troll, her fans were still willing to throw down actual money. Her Patreon, which promises “lewd” content, currently has 2,239 patrons. One of her most popularly subscribed tiers is $50 a month. These patrons have access to her personal Snapchat, which she states has her “naughtiest” social media content. This includes bath and shower selfies, panty shots, and cosplay photoshoots, as well as “naughty” videos. 

Dexerto reached out to one of her supporters, who revealed that Delphine “hasn’t added her paying patrons on [Snapchat] for all of August and most of July.” She also hasn’t posted on it at all during that time. 

“She hasn’t been active at all or fulfilling the promises to her patrons that pay for the $1,000 tier,” he continued. “She’s completely scamming her paying fan base without releasing any content.”

On August 1, Delphine had posted on her Patreon that she wanted to “make this month extra good” for her patrons. That was her last post for over two months now. 

Many angry fans began to air out their grievences. One patron claimed that Delphine had added him on Snapchat only to remove him soon after. He said he was not going to pay next month after being “completely ripped off.” 

Another fan said he had been discussing paying for the $1,000 tier with her in early July, but she suddenly stopped replying. This left him quite suspicious and frustrated with the cosplayer. 

Still, some fans kept on supporting her. They told other fans that she was not doing this maliciously and was just on hiatus. Of course, there’s no proof that either side is right in their speculations of Delphine’s disappearance. 

In July, Delphine took a trip to Greece and got food poisoning but it’s unclear if this has played into her not posting any content or updates for months following the vacation. She also hasn’t created a new Instagram, something she told her fans she would be doing after hers was banned that month. 

Delphine has yet to tweet after she came forward with the hamster story. It’s not yet clear if she was truly arrested, or if this was a way to explain away her lack of Patreon content.