Battling DMCA, T-Pain releases 162 copyright-free songs for use

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Rapper, singer, and songwriter Faheem Rasheed Najm, better known as T-Pain, has announced the expansion of his royalty-free collection of songs with the release of an additional 162 tracks through his Pizzle Pack.

Pizzle Pack is a collection of beats created by T-Pain, who often creates these tracks live on stream in addition to playing games and chatting with viewers. Streamers and content creators can use the Pizzle Pack tracks and not fear for a DMCA strike or lawsuit over the use of his music in their videos and streams. Pizzle Pack is just one of many collections of songs and apps that have recently been thrust into the limelight because of Twitch’s mass deletion of content due to DMCA notifications. 

Where to find T-Pain’s Pizzle Pack

To find the collection of songs, T-Pain created a website which contains the Soundcloud playlist where the tracks are posted. Streamers and content creators may use his tracks in their videos as background music, but should be aware that just because the songs are royalty-free does not mean that they are available for use in any other aspect of content creation. In the legal disclaimer, T-Pain makes this clear.

“I expressly reserve all rights to my music. I give you a limited revocable license to use my music in the background of your videos but you can’t record to my music, change it, or use it anywhere else. If you do, you’re violating my copyrights and that’s gonna get your ass sued,” T-Pain said.

As with most royalty-free music created with the notion that streamers and content creators will use it as background music, any other use of the music will result in a DMCA, or worse, a lawsuit. Pizzle Pack’s legal disclaimer notes that the license is revokable, and this is true of most licenses of this nature. 

Other royalty-free music apps and playlists have been advertised recently due to the Twitch DMCA issue, such as Pretzel Rocks, Epidemic Sound, Stream Beats, and No Copyright Sounds.


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