BattleBit Remastered

BattleBit Remastered price, platforms, player count, more

By Fariha Bhatti


Jun 22, 2023

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BattleBit Remastered has stormed onto the FPS ecosystem as the hot new contender to be the best low-poly game on Steam. But some players still don’t know about this no-longer underrated FPS. 

On June 15, BattleBit launched in early access, instantly topping the chart and surprisingly maintaining a decent peak. Clearly, players love this Roblox-style, Battlefield-inspired, yet completely unique FPS extravaganza. But, Battlefield is yet to reach a wider audience who may be curious to know more about this new kid in the FPS block. 

BattleField is remarkably popular but developed by a team of four. It has 90% positive reviews from those who have tested the game. Here’s everything else you need to know about BattleField Remastered. 

Is BattleBit Remastered free? 

BattleBit isn’t free, but it’s cheap. 

Players can purchase early access on Steam for $14.99, which is reasonable for a game that doesn’t yet have microtransactions. This means loadouts, maps, and all items are free in the game after paying the initial $15 price.

Whether BattleBit would have microtransactions is still unknown, but for now, players are happy with the affordable pricing of the FPS game. 

BattleBit Remastered platforms 

BattleBit Remastered

BattleBit is only available for Windows via Steam for now.

This means console players won’t be able to enjoy the game on their devices. Mac users, however, report that BattleBit is playable on Mac, but of course, the experience is a bit rough compared to PC.

Since BattleBit is still in early access, the possibility of it arriving on consoles isn’t entirely out of the question. Considering the game’s popularity, the four devs may bring it to PS5, Xbox, or the Nintendo Switch once fully released. 

Can you play BattleBit on Steam Deck?

BattleBit is not Steam Deck verified, but players can still “force run” it by following a few simple steps. 

BattleBit is currently running on Easy Anti Cheat, which is supported on Linux. However, developer SgtOkiDoki has suggested that a FACEIT anti-cheat switch is on the horizon, which would disrupt Steam Deck access. But players shouldn’t just throw in the towel. BattleBit devs aim to make the game accessible on Steam Deck shortly, so the anti-cheat shift may come with a new solution. 

BattleBit gameplay

BattleBit may not look like it, but it has addictive and cut-throat gameplay, approved by avid FPS players. The game is low-poly with its Roblox-like chunky visuals, but the devs haven’t compromised on how it plays out. BattleBit is a massive-multiplayer FPS with a destructible environment and levolution.

Larger maps and servers can accommodate 254 players at one time without any jitters and kinks. It’s exhaustively optimized for high frames-per-second gameplay — enhanced net code for an FPS game with high tickrate performance. Even loaded servers don’t disrupt gameplay; 90% of positive reviews attest to it. 

You may opt to play smaller maps, but the game allows for massive 127vs127 fights — and honestly, that’s where the real competition is. Weapons and vehicles just add to the fun and complex gameplay of BattleBit. Besides this, BattleBit has proximity-based voice chat for real-time communication with friendlies and enemies.

How many people play BattleBit (BattleBit player count)? 

Besides being the top-seller on Steam right after its release, BattleBit is also averaging a high player count. With 36,000 average players, the low-budget game has hit 64,590 peak, concurrent viewers. Compared to BattleField, averaging 9,222 players, BattleBit is giving flagship competitors a run for their money, at least in terms of player count. 


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