Banks regrets FaZe Clan’s refusal to sign YouTube star MrBeast

Fariha Bhatti • May 19, 2021 10:25 pm

Can you picture Jimmy “MrBeast” Donaldson in FaZe Clan’s red jersey? It was a possibility five years ago. 

MrBeast is second to none when it comes to over-the-top videos, with that content propelling him to enormous success on YouTube. In 2021, any YouTube network would die to have him in their stable, but FaZe Clan executive Richard “Banks” Bengston claims that the organization didn’t bother to sign him. Twice 

On a recent NoJumper podcast, FaZe’s co-owner Richard “Banks” Bengston claims that MrBeast was a massive FaZe Clan fan and wanted to join the new content house. The owner said that he turned him away on two separate occasions, a blunder that cost the team a chance to sign somebody that today boasts a following of 62 million subscribers. 

“We started the clout house, he visited and stayed there for a few days, and he wanted to join the clout gang. But we didn’t [sign him]. It wasn’t completely off the table. I mean, he was a substantially sized guy, nothing compared to where he’s at now,” Banks said.

FaZe Clan’s Banks admits that he blew it with MrBeast 

Banks says that MrBeast would have done anything to join the FaZe Clan at that time, but the organization opted to pass on his services. Banks further explained that MrBeast showed his interest in joining on more than one occasion, but FaZe was heavily invested in Call of Duty at the time, which wasn’t a great fit given MrBeast’s content, which isn’t centred around gaming. 

Today, FaZe Clan’s content division has expanded vastly to the point where MrBeast wouldn’t be out of place with FaZe Clan. The organization has content creators from a variety of games and even produces IRL content. That lack of foresight for both FaZe Clan’s direction and MrBeast’s career trajectory prompted Banks to label the whiff as the “biggest mistake” of his life. 

“The biggest misstep of all time, I still just know that it still won’t have worked long term. When me and Rice started clout, we missed on MrBeast twice,” Banks said.

Given MrBeast’s success on YouTube, this isn’t a particularly big understatement by Banks. The YouTuber has managed to break numerous records on the platform with his ridiculous giveaway videos. His energetic challenges and money-heavy giveaways have helped him explode in popularity in a way where he could become one of the most-subscribed people on YouTube.


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