Badministrator returns with Lily Pichu collaboration rap battle

Nicholas James • November 24, 2022 1:55 am

Community-beloved League of Legends musical artist Badministrator has returned with Lily Pichu, for a This Is War musical installment.

Badministrator was a well-regarded and popular musical parody artist in the early days of League of Legends, publishing rap songs about various champions inside of League of Legends. Badministrator was well-regarded for the quality of his lyrics and smooth rhyme schemes but disappeared for several years as he stepped away from content creation.

Badministrator, Lily Pichu collaborate on This Is War

The This Is War series of music videos made by content creators Falconshield is a consistent hit with League of Legends fans. The series is a set of rap battles in which champions from various regions in League of Legends swap verses with champions from a rival region, bringing in long lists of League of Legends-adjacent and musical talent to voice the various characters. This Is War 8, which was released on November 22, 2022, is between the oldest rival regions in the game, Demacia, and Noxus. It features Badministrator as Jarvan IV, Justin Bonitz as Kled, Valentyne Music as Xin ZHao, HalaCG as Katarina, AntiRivet as Sion, FrivolousShara as Samira, LilyPichu as Poppy, and Rawb D. Lucci as Sylas.

It seems as though the long-missing League of Legends music artist won’t be returning to his own YouTube channel any time soon, but League of Legends fans were glad to hear his bassy tones on a League of Legends song after so long without him. This Is War has a long history of pulling together a long list of varied talent in order to bring some musical character to these champions beloved by millions of fans. This isn’t the first time Falconshield has made a This Is War about Demacia vs Noxus, with the first one releasing in 2013 and also including LilyPichu, AntiRivet, and the now-Project L community manager Draggles.


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