Baal is Genshin Impact’s biggest success followed by a total flop

Kenneth Williams • September 25, 19:41

Noone expected Kokomi to outsell the Raiden Shogun, but not even miHoYo predicted it would be this bad.

Genshin Impact’s newest limited wish Drifting Luminescence is the worst-selling banner in the game’s history. According to public data, the current valley contrasts with the wild success of Raiden Shogun, who broke sales records across regions. The dip is primarily due to Kokomi’s perceived weakness and miHoYo’s lackluster anniversary rewards.

According to fan sales analysis, Chinese Genshin Impact players paid more than $9 million in the first two days of Baal’s banner. Kokomi’s banner earned an abysmal $700,00 on its debut day. The most powerful wish for Kokomi’s banner is Jadelight Cutter, a top-tier sword on the weapon banner. Fans also expected a new four-star in Thoma or Gorou. The lack of any new characters hurts her banner further.

Baal wasn’t without her fair share of controversy. A mistranslated ability led to some confusion and a massive power spike at constellation two rubbed some fans the wrong way. Now that the dust has settled, Baal is generally considered a great sub-DPS character who works well with most teams. Kokomi is nowhere near as powerful, especially since the support metagame revolves around offensive buffs.

Kokomi is the worst-selling Genshin character

Fans were initially excited when Sangonomiya Kokomi was first revealed. As the leader of the rebel forces, she was hyped up as one of the only characters willing to face off with Inazuma’s almighty Shogun.

Despite that hype, Kokomi’s talents and abilities dampened fans’ expectations. She functions primarily as a healer, a not-so-useful role in Genshin Impact’s endgame. To make matters worse, one of Kokomi’s special traits decreases her base crit hit rate by exactly 100%. 

The only team compositions that make good use of Kokomi are Cryo comps that don’t have a better hydro support like Xingqiu or Mona. Even Genshin Impact’s free four-star healer Barbara can outshine Kokomi with the correct build. Those pitfalls make Kokomi the worst-selling Genshin Impact banner yet.

Fans might be using the Kokomi banner as feedback on Genshin Impact’s first anniversary. miHoYo announced several community competitions to earn relatively small prizes, such as a Razer mouse or just 100 Primogems for a full cosplay or art project.

The average player will only receive a free ten-pull for logging in the week of the anniversary. Fans have voiced their displeasure on social media. Between that feedback and the Kokomi banners’ utter failure, expect some last minute anniversary announcements from miHoYo.


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