Auto Chess Mobile already has over 300,000 preregistrations

Olivia Richman • March 15, 21:59

Auto Chess Mobile has over 300,000 preregistrations in just one day.

Dota Auto Chess might have been the most popular Dota 2 mod of all-time, but Drodo Studio is dropping Dota 2 from its marketing for the mobile app. Fortunately for die-hard Dota Auto Chess fans, the artwork for the mobile version looks similar, and many of the new characters pay homage to the likes of Axe, Pudge, and Bloodseeker.

While the game will not have any heroes from Valve’s MOBA, the gameplay will be the same. A cross between a collectable card game and real-time strategy game, Auto Chess’ blend of styles makes it ideal for mobile phone gaming.

Still, some PC players are skeptical of the mobile release, already wondering if it will follow in the footsteps of many popular mobile games in monetizing items, skins, boards, or other bonuses. The luck-based portions of the game could be so exploited, making players worried the game could become pay-to-win.

A new website has appeared, but sign-ups are currently limited to China. The homepage states that gamers will be able to “compete with players from all over the world,” but there’s still no official word on when the mobile version will reach Europe and North America.

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Chinese Auto Chess fans can currently link their Steam account to their new Auto Chess account on the website, which unlocks candies. Candies will also be gifted for games played, with players being rewarded up to 450 candies if they play 30 or more games on Dota 2 Arcade. If the reservation count hits five million, every player who pre-ordered the mobile game will get 888 candies.

The developers also announced that a big tournament may soon be coming to Auto Chess with a $1.5 million prize pool.

Drodo Studio’s newest project is in cooperation with Imba TV and Long Mobile Limited. In the past, the studio has collaborated with Imba TV to host the first ever Dota Auto Chess tournament: Auto Chess All-Star Invitational.


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