Asmongold quits Elden Ring DLC because it’s “too hard”

By Olivia Richman


Jun 22, 2024

Reading time: 2 min

Twitch streamer Asmongold has decided to quit playing the long-awaited Elden Ring DLC because it’s too hard.

Known for his World of Warcraft streams, hot takes, and dirty room, Asmongold has been getting some consistent viewership for playing the newly released Elden Ring DLC, Shadow of Erdtree. But he may not finish grinding the challenging DLC because it’s not fun.

Asmongold said he’d maybe give the DLC one more day but that he’s “pretty much done.”

Why is Asmongold quitting Elden Ring?

In a recent stream, a fan asked if Asmongold was going to continue playing Shadow of Erdtree. He responded that he’s basically done because “the DLC is too hard to be fun.”

While Asmongold is confident he can beat Shadow of Erdtree, he doesn’t feel like doing it because of how many attempts it would take to beat each boss. He estimated maybe 50 to 100 attempts each.

“When every single attack combo stuns you and then you’re locked into an animation and you get insta-killed…. Yeah, I can beat it, of course. But I don’t really want to,” Asmongold explained on Twitch stream.

A lot of people brought up the fact that Kai Cenat, who has never played an RPG, was able to complete the game. But it should be noted that he died over 1,700 times. It’s possible that Asmongold just really doesn’t feel like going through that same experience or grind.

Said one fan: “Completely understandable if he’s not having fun. He shouldn’t force himself then. I have the opposite issue in which I am 16 hours into the base game and am having fun but I’m so bad at it. But I got a good weapon now so it’s starting to level out.”

Still, others simply replied that Asmongold has a “skill issue.”