Asmongold mocks Twitch chat, says it’s full of “weirdos”

By Olivia Richman


Feb 18, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

Asmongold is no stranger to speaking his mind, whether it’s mocking other streamers or ranting about Blizzard. This time around, Asmongold decided to mock Twitch and explain why he would prefer streaming on YouTube.

The OTK founder and World of Warcraft streamer has become one of the biggest personalities on Twitch. He currently has over 3.4 million followers thanks to his MMORPG prowess and openness. It’s no surprise that he started a podcast where he can further speak his truths and share his thoughts. The podcast, called Steak and Eggs, premiered on February 17, 2023.

In this first episode, Asmongold opened up a bit about his opinion on Twitch culture — and yeah, he doesn’t like it.

Asmongold explains why he hates Twitch chat

Asmongold and the other podcast hosts started discussing Twitch about 56 minutes into the episode, and he didn’t hold back. He admitted that he would pick YouTube if he had to choose a streaming platform to use for the rest of his life. Why? Twitch chat.

“Honest, I hate Twitch culture. I think it sucks. ‘Oh, wow. This is a cool new joke. Let’s type it 400 times.’ And then, ‘Oh man, let’s… Marco Polo. You say this word, I say this emote. How clever and funny,'” Asmongold ranted.

While the two other streamers liked this culture and the ability to predict the chat, Asmongold seemed quite down on chat.

Said Asmongold: “There is a certain value on it. Like, have you ever had a cat, and you raise your arm up, and the cat looks up at your arm? And you’re like, ‘I control you, b—.’ I can kinda feel that way whenever I’m doing my streams. Yeah, sure. But in general? I don’t know, man. There are so many weird things that people do on Twitch. It’s so weird.”

The other streamers were in agreement that “more weirdos” come from Twitch.

Is Asmongold switching to YouTube?

Currently, Asmongold streams on Twitch, where he has two accounts. He then uploads some of his content to YouTube, where he has 1.7 million subscribers. During the podcast, Asmongold said that there are positives to both platforms, but it seems like he’s starting to lean toward YouTube.

It’s possible that Asmongold will switch to YouTube in the future, but he has made no confirmation that he’s leaving Twitch any time soon — or at all.

During the podcast, however, Asmongold said that there is a lot of new content coming from OTK. This means there could be fewer Twitch streams in the future and more YouTube content, thanks to the introduction of OTK’s new Wheel of Chaos show with ExtraEmily as the host. The podcast is also another form of content in itself.