As Projekt Melody starts OnlyFans, her identity is a mystery

By Gergely Kiss


Dec 21, 2021

Reading time: 3 min

Projekt Melody has launched an OnlyFans, but that doesn’t make her identity any less of a mystery to her fans.

Virtual streamer Projekt Melody has revealed the next stage of her adult career. She has officially launched an OnlyFans account that is available to the public. The recent move has reignited the mystery around Projekt Melody’s identity, but the real person behind the mask is still being a secret. Keeping identities hidden is a notable part of virtual YouTubers and streamers’ marketing, but Projekt Melody’s situation requires even more secrecy than normal.

Projekt Melody’s OnlyFans account contains previews of adult photos and videos depicting Projekt Melody’s digital avatar. It also includes collaborations with other figures in the same field. While the account is free to subscribe to, fans must pay additional money to access the majority of the adult content.

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Projekt Melody is far from the first Twitch streamer to start an OnlyFans. Amouranth and indiefoxx are notable examples of prominent streamers who have official accounts on the platform. But Melody is the first prominent virtual streamer to start an OnlyFans. Most virtual streamers from Hololive and other organizations attempt to maintain a more family-friendly atmosphere, as long as you can tolerate occasional profanity. 

By contrast, Projekt Melody is perhaps Twitch’s most risqué virtual streamer. Her career bridges the gap between gaming and adult entertainment. While she initially debuted as a more typical virtual Twitch streamer, she now airs on multiple platforms including some that children are not allowed access to. OnlyFans has joined that list as another way for her adult fans to connect with the virtual personality.

Projekt Melody’s real identity is still a secret

The introduction of an OnlyFans hinted that Projekt Melody’s real name and face might be revealed for the first time. But upon closer inspection, that’s far from the case. Projekt Melody’s OnlyFans featured 3D rendered images in the style of her stream. It also showcases similar personalities in her subgenre of adult entertainment. No real persons appear on her OnlyFans page.

Many virtual YouTubers and streamers place great emphasis on their anonymity. They want to be seen exclusively as their virtual character. Many of them also believe that exposing their true nature would alienate their audience from their content. They’re meant to be a unique form of escapism and interaction for people. It doesn’t matter if the actresses are beautiful, homely, plain, or eccentric; simply admitting that the avatar isn’t real would destroy some of the charm of virtual YouTubing and streaming.

There are a couple of exceptions to this rule. Code Miko is a popular virtual streamer who is completely open about her real identity as Youna Kang. She often switched between her real body and her virtual avatar multiple times during streams, and has built an audience following across both forms.

In Projekt Melody’s case, her secret identity is important for reasons beyond just maintaining a sense of mystery. The nature of her more adult work could potentially alienate her from some career opportunities in the future if her name and face were to become public. It also has the inherent risk of alienating an audience that is specifically interested in her anime-inspired avatar.

For the sake of Projekt Melody’s actor and her fans, it’s probably best that her identity remains a secret.