Are there lots of CSGO cheaters? Or just a lot of sore losers?

By Fariha Bhatti


Oct 16, 2021

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Most Counter-Strike: Global Offensive accept players’ claims that the game is riddled with cheaters. But is that true? Or does CSGO just have a lot of sore losers and smurfs?

Discussion regarding Valve’s first-person shooter often revolves around its cutthroat gameplay and bad actors abusing the anti-cheat system. Though it’s been quietly agreed upon that CSGO has a cheating problem, some players are now debating whether it’s actually true. 

Given enough time, every CSGO player is going to see a teammate or opponent toggle obvious hacks. An easy game against below-average opponents will suddenly be derailed by players hitting multiple one-taps in a single jump or hitting successive wallbang headshots with an auto.

Nobody would question whether there are hackers that play CSGO, but some are committed to the idea that this is a regular occurrence. 

In a Reddit post, many players have come forward with claims that they rarely ever get a match against hackers, making them question the “cheater problem” in CSGO. Most of these are high-ranked players who’ve been called hackers for landing their shots, leading them to believe that CSGO may not have as many hackers as it has low-skilled players.

In fact, many seem to have been unjustly accused of hacking more frequently than they’ve seen actual hackers. This has led to renewed speculation that the game doesn’t have all that many hackers. It’s just losers trying to find an excuse for their poor play.

CSGO cheaters frequently get new hacks

Admitted hackers had something to say about cheating in CSGO, acknowledging that VAC remains very easy to get around.

They stated there are tons of new hacks that the system fails to detect and block, and players have mastered the art of hiding them in-game. Even high-skilled players fail to identify experienced CSGO cheaters utilizing expensive hacks. 

It’s still up in the air whether CSGO has more hackers than other shooters, or whether the notoriously toxic community is just finding another way to complain.

While CSGO may or may not have as many hackers as players make out to be, the game certainly has a beatable anti-cheat system. It’s less tricky for bad actors to break into Valve’s anti-cheat and exploit it to their advantage. There are frequent spikes in the number of VAC bans being handed out, suggesting that Valve is frequently finding new problems to address.

What does HvH mean in CSGO?

Most often, players turn on their hacks when they see an enemy playing better than them in the name of “HvH”, which stands for hacks versus hacks. This has led to higher-skilled players dealing with hackers more frequently as struggling CSGO cheaters assume that every skilled player is actually cheating.


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