cheaters in Apex Legends mobile

Are there cheaters in Apex Legends Mobile after its soft launch?

By Fariha Bhatti


Mar 22, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Apex Legends Mobile is yet to be formally released worldwide, but blatant cheaters are already filling up its competitive queues. 

The cheating problem isn’t new for Apex Legends players. Apex Legends’ developer has gone as far as manually banning players through social media reports and emails. A strict anti-cheat system and the developer’s direct approach to addressing the issue have failed to wipe out these malicious actors, and the same problem seems to be happening in Apex Legends Mobile. A player has shared a video of his encounter with a blatant cheater in Apex Legends Mobile, and it has fans worried about the future of the game.

Are there cheaters in Apex Legends Mobile? 

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Apex Legends mobile has only been soft-launched, but hackers are already taking over some games. Players are reporting blatant hackers in Apex Mobile ranked queues.

A video was shared by a player named HammadKx, who encountered a cheater while playing Octane. The enemy player had aimbots and wallhacks activated as he wiped out the arena with a Peacekeeper. The cheater would barely miss any shots and could land impossible kills against moving enemies. It’s worth noting that shooting down mobile enemies in Apex Legends isn’t a cakewalk, so the enemy Octane was certainly seems to have been up to something. 

HammadKx’s video made it evident that the cheater also had wallhacks enabled. He could easily anticipate the enemy’s position and shoot them before the enemy could adjust their crosshairs. It was easy to tell that cheaters have indeed entered Apex Legends Mobile after ruining play for some PC players. 

It’s alarming how quickly hackers have found their way around the game’s code. Apex Legends Mobile is yet to be widely released, and sharp coders have already broken into the game’s presumed anti-cheat. It’s only available in 10 countries today, but some players are employing a VPN to enjoy the mobile version before it releases in their region. 

It remains to be seen how EA tackles the cheater problem in Apex Legends Mobile. PC players aren’t happy with the anti-cheat, but manual bans keep their hopes alive. The developer may go for a stricter anti-cheat for mobile considering the state of cheating in other mobile battle royales. After an open release, Apex Legends Mobile may become unplayable if EA doesn’t resolve the brewing cheater problem.