Arcane season 2, DOTA season 3 may be revealed soon by Netflix

By Steven Rondina


May 26, 2022

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An event called Netflix Geeked Week will seemingly unveil Arcane season two and DOTA: Dragon’s Blood season three.

Netflix Geeked Week is set to be a week of reveals for new content coming to the streaming service. This includes movies, TV shows, and highly-anticipated anime. 

Much of this has been previously revealed or announced including a Cuphead animated series and the Tekken: Bloodlines anime. But also included was confirmation of Arcane season two coming to Netflix, as well as the existence of a third season of DOTA: Dragon’s Blood.

DOTA: Dragon’s Blood survives for Book 3 on Netflix

DOTA: Dragon’s Blood has survived the chopping block for Netflix, with a third season seemingly confirmed with the reveal of Netflix Geeked Week.

The return of DOTA: Dragon’s Blood comes as a bit of a surprise. The first two seasons performed well in some regions, but underwhelmed in most major markets. With Netflix downsizing in many ways following a loss in subscribers, it was uncertain that DOTA: Dragon’s Blood would be renewed for a third season.

Netflix has confirmed that something will be revealed for DOTA: Dragon’s Blood on June 10 as part of the Netflix Geeked Week’s video game-focused day. It will come alongside reveals for Sonic Prime and Tekken: Bloodlines, as well as new information regarding Netflix’s own game development efforts.

Regardless of the business end of Netflix, this will likely be the final chapter of DOTA: Dragon’s Blood. The pieces are moving in place for a climactic battle between Davion and Terrorblade. From the start, show writer Ashley Edward Miller stated that three seasons was the “sweet spot” to wrap up the story.

Arcane season two seemingly set to be revealed by Netflix

While DOTA: Dragon’s Blood surviving for a third season is a surprise, Arcane getting renewed isn’t. The only real mystery there was whether it would come to Netflix or if Riot Games was poised to shop the series to other networks and streaming services.

Arcane’s first season was a smashing success for Riot Games and Netflix. Riot Games heavily promoted the series and helped establish it as one of the biggest debuts in Netflix history. Unlike DOTA: Dragon’s Blood, Arcane wasn’t explicitly tied to Netflix. This likely confirms that Arcane season two will be coming to Netflix.

Season one ended on a cliffhanger with the leadership of Piltover being hit with a missile fired by Jinx. This could set up a number of heated conflicts, including renewed tensions between Piltover and Zaun as well as a possible war with Noxus. An Arcane season two trailer could give fans a taste of what the central conflict will be. There are also teases for a few League of Legends champions to join the cast including Warwick and Orianna.


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