Mad Maggie

Apex Legends teases season 12 legend, hinting at Mad Maggie

By Olivia Richman


Jan 23, 2022

Reading time: 3 min

Apex Legends has continued to be a popular battle royale thanks to its gameplay and surprisingly deep lore. Each legend has a story to tell, each of them intertwining in unexpected ways which is going to be on full display in Apex Legends season 12.

A recent tweet saw the return of Lisa Stone, the podcast host of “Unraveling the Syndicate.” Players haven’t heard from her since 2020. Now, Stone is back to explain the coverups behind the Syndicate, highlighting tragedies and accidents that “weren’t isolated.” She pointed to leadership that prioritizes profits over safety of citizens, explaining how the Apex Games put legends in danger for everyone’s entertainment.

In the second episode, she blames the Syndicate for killing Jimmy “The Forge” McCormick, a would-be legend who appeared on her television show in 2020. The Forge was teased as a new legend by Respawn Entertainment, which then swerved fans by killing him off to unveil Revenant. Stone questioned why the Syndicate can’t protect its own legends and why events keep “piling up.”

“Who can we depend on?” Stone asked, hinting that the “man who is going to save the galaxy” will appear in the last episode.

Apex Legends hints at next legend for Season 12 in teaser tweet

The finale of Unraveling the Syndicate had Stone reveal who the hero will be: Eduardo Silva, the CEO of Silva Pharmaceuticals. Silva sponsors Stone’s podcast so her words on the businessman should be taken with a grain of salt. But Silva offered a statement himself.

“The council has failed. You deserve better. You deserve a true leader, a singular leader. I would be honored if you would place your trust in me to guide the Syndicate space into the future. We need a true leader to run the Syndicate and we need it now,” Silva said.

Earlier this morning, the official Apex Legends Twitter account announced the next Stories from the Outlands, which will premier tomorrow. The image, however, shows a mysterious man nobody seems to know.

But one player uncovered the video’s tags and it seems like the next legend won’t be Silva. The tweets actually hint that Mad Maggie is the next legend in Season 12.

Who is Mad Maggie in Apex Legends?

Mad Maggie was first mentioned in season eight but hasn’t been heard from since. Until now.

On January 21, a teaser had the sound of a battle taking place as players dropped into Storm Point. During the battle, a piece of a ship falls onto the North Pad, showing a clear symbol of Salvo. Mad Maggie is known for leaving that symbol behind when she blows things up.

Mad Maggie, real name Margaret Kohere, is the childhood friend of Walter “Fuse” Fitzroy. They grew up on Salvo, which was always under fire from warlords who wanted to control the area. Maggie and Fuse became mercenaries, with Mad Maggie aiming to become Salvo’s next warlord ruler. Meanwhile, Fuse decided to take part in Bonecage, an arena bloodsport.

The Syndicate tried to acquire Salvo and Mad Maggie fought against this takeover as hard as she could. Salvo eventually gave in to Syndicate’s terms, which saw Fuse brought into the Apex Games. This was a betrayal to Mad Maggie and her fight to free Salvo, causing her to follow him to the Apex Games and blow up a section of Kings Canyon.

Mad Maggie was the antagonist of Season 8’s Armageddon Quest, which seemingly ended in her death. Evidently, that wasn’t actually the case.

So far, Respawn Entertainment hasn’t confirmed who the next legend will be. It could be Mad Maggie, Silva, or someone else entirely. Either way, Silva is going to be playing a big part in Apex Legends season 12’s storyline. Given the lukewarm response to season 11, there’s a lot to be excited about.