Apex Legends ranked split now extended due to server issues

Olivia Richman • September 18, 19:16

The Apex Legends community demanded that the current ranked split be extended after Respawn Entertainment struggled to fix extreme server issues.

The first ranked split is being extended by a week after popular Apex Legends pros and content creators made their voices heard. According to developers, the server problems will most likely last until September 22, which is when the next patch is dropping.

The first ranked split was originally ending on September 21 but it’s now being pushed to September 28. That’s when the Evolution event ends. Players now have an extra week to climb up the ranks, which is what pros demanded after the server issues persisted.

“Despite improvements today, we’re still seeing roughly three times the normal rate of disconnect errors and a full return to normal may take until our next planned patch on September 22,” developers tweeted to players.

What happened to Apex Legends servers?

The Evolution event launched on September 14 bringing new skins and Rampart Town to excited players, but the community quickly noticed some major server issues. Players were unable to connect to the main lobby and others were booted from games, leading to AFK penalties and penalized ranked points.

In response to the ongoing issue, Respawn Entertainment informed players that it was addressing the problem multiple times but no fix ever actually came. Earlier this week, developers said that server capacity was getting ramped up. But the scheduled fixes didn’t seem to work as planned and a “full return to normal” is nowhere in sight.

As pro players and well-known streamers continue to voice concern with the lingering issues, Respawn decided to extend the deadline for the ranked split. This will let players make up for lost time and regain depleted ranked points.

Apex Legends players will all have until September 28 to climb up the ranks.


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