Storm Point Season 13

Apex Legends Season 13 trailer shows major changes to Storm Point map

By Olivia Richman


May 1, 2022

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Apex Legends fans were given a sneak peek of Season 13 with a trailer at the Apex Legends Global Series earlier today.

The Season 13 gameplay trailer is officially coming out tomorrow, May 2. But Apex Legends fans who tuned into the esports tournament were given a glimpse at what’s to come. The gameplay trailer teaser may have been short, but players were able to see a lot of leaks and rumors confirmed.

The biggest change that’s coming in Season 13 revolves around Storm Point. Fans have speculated that the map will see some major changes, and the trailer confirms it.

Storm Point getting big changes in Apex Legends Season 13

In late April of 2022, the Saviors Launch Trailer showed some noticeable changes to Storm Point. Released in 2021, the map hasn’t had any updates thus far, making this almost as interesting as the legend reveal.

Around the same time, Apex Legends’ blog post about Season 13 also noted some possible changes to Storm Point. There was talk of a “downed beast,” which seemed like either a new point of interest or maybe something that has disrupted the map in some way.

More information came out about this mysterious occurrence during the Apex Legends Global Series. The sea creature, which was hinted at in Saviors, is confirmed as a new point of interest. The dead monster is now a permanent part of the landscape, with inhabitants even creating structures around the downed beast.

The teaser also showed a few more interesting changes to Storm Point. This includes new IMC weapons caches, which will be found throughout the map. These locations are quite large, providing cover in an otherwise very open map. But with so much room within, it seems that it’s the perfect spot to target an unsuspecting team and engage.

Teams with Newcastle will be able to shield from these incoming attacks thanks to his Mobile Shield ability and Castle Wall ultimate, both of which were shown in the short teaser.

Blog post image

The full gameplay trailer for Season 13 drops on May 2, providing more insight into Newcastle, Storm Point, and the battle pass.


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