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Apex Legends players accuse Respawn of removing paid skins

By Olivia Richman


Nov 20, 2022

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Apex Legends players are accusing Respawn Entertainment of removing and re-releasing skins as Twitch rewards in Season 15.

Fans of the colorful battle royale have brought up issues with Apex Legends cosmetics in the past, often complaining about the price. At the time, Respawn defended the high costs of some items. Now, however, there’s been an even bigger controversy surrounding paid cosmetics being released for free.

Respawn Entertainment accused of removing paid Apex Legends skins

On November 18, a trusted Apex Legends leaker revealed cosmetics that will become available in Season 15 as Twitch drop rewards. These would be given out as rewards to fans who watched specific Apex Legends streams. The cosmetics included the following free skins.

  • Iced Out charm
  • Cult Classic Devotion skin
  • Tribal Glyph RE-45 skin
  • Giggle Guard charm

The removing skins controversy started when Apex players noticed that some of the leaked cosmetics, including the weapon skins, were previously released as paid items. The skins were previously sold in the Apex Store for 500 Apex Coins, which is about $5.

As if that wasn’t shocking enough, it was players also pointed out that these purchased cosmetics were no longer on their account when Season 15 started. One player explained that they noticed it was gone when the season launched but didn’t think much of it. Until now.


More and more players came forward to claim that their charms and weapon skins were missing. Some wondered if it could be a glitch and Respawn Entertainment didn’t purposefully remove the cosmetics. But so far, developers have not come forward to deny the claims.


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