Apex Legends patch notes bring reporting options and bug fixes

By Olivia Richman


Jun 5, 2019

Reading time: 2 min

The leaked Legendary Hunter limited time mode wasn’t the only addition to Apex Legends with the most recent update. 

More information was revealed about the Apex Elite Queue, which will be available until July 2. Players who make it to the top five in any match can earn a spot in a queue full of top-five winners, said the full patch notes

In this mode, the ring closes faster and the damage for being out of bounds has been increased. The Apex Elite Queue is optional, and players can opt to play in the regular playlist at any time. But top-five players who dare to compete with other winners will have the chance to earn character specific badges that track Elite game wins.

The 1.2 patch notes bring updates to Kings Canyon. The Pit now has twice the available loot in it, and some loot has been added to the underground pit in the small town located in the Shattered Forest. Thunderdome also had some small changes, including moving loose loot bins for greater visability. Players can also call out jump towers with pings. 

Many quality of life bug fixes were also revealed in the update. Respawn Entertainment removed a few exploits, including one that allowed players to bunny hop while healing, and one where a squad could have more than one of the same legend. Developers also fixed an issue where players could “bounce” off their squad while breaking off during a skydive. 

Apex Legends players can now mute and report players on the squad summary page, as well as report teammates who disconnect mid-game. 

When it comes to individual legends, Caustic’s barrels can now be triggered or disabled by his own teammates. Pathfinder’s Grapple now has a blue crosshair indicator, which will appear when the Grapple is in range of objects it can connect to. Bloodhound’s ultimate now has colorblind support. Respawn also fixed a big where Mirage was too easily niceable while cloaked, as well as a rare issue with using consumables while having a Caustic gas canister out. 

The developers also removed the ability for players to change game settings that were not intended to ever be modified on the client level. 

“Our intent is to prevent explots like removing muzzle flash, disabling lighting, and other changes that give players an unfair competitive advantage,” the developers said.