Apex Legends fans locked out of accounts for reaching level 500

By Olivia Richman


Jan 19, 2020

Reading time: 2 min

Respawn Entertainment has announced that a fix is on the way for the game-breaking bug affecting level 500 Apex Legends players. 

After developers revealed that the battle royale’s maximum level cap had been increased, casual and competitive players alike have been grinding their way to the prestigious level 500. But instead of getting a badge or in-game cosmetic, players have been met with a bug that bars them from accessing their account or finding servers. 

Since the beginning of January, the Apex Legends community has been speaking out on EA’s forums, begging Respawn for answers. 

“This is a major issue guys. Every one should vote for it. This should be pinned up top. So many people are getting to level 500 now,” one user said. 

One player, who stated that they were locked out of their account for three days, claimed he’d been on the phone with EA for hours. They concluded that Respawn Entertainment developers were the ones who needed to help the situation, but many other players feared that their voices would continue to be ignored. 

Respawn Entertainment responds to player concern over Level 500 bug

Respawn’s community coordinator, Garza, took to Trello to put everyone’s mind at ease. On January 16, Garza explained that they “currently had a fix in place,” although they had no ETA on when it would arrive. Garza admitted that January 16’s server patch had been delayed. They apologized to fans who were affected by the bug and thanked them for their understanding. 

Yet hours later, the issue remained. 

“This did not go out last night as intended as issues and concerns arose. Will continue to update this thread when I get more info. Sorry,” Garza wrote on Trello. 

As of publishing, the Trello card, titled “Reaching Beyond Level 500 Prevents Users from Logging into the Game,” was still under “Investigating.” 

Updated on a weekly basis, the Investigating column of the Respawn Apex Tracker also includes cards about challenges not always tracking and Bloodhound’s tracker sometimes missing a countdown timer.