Apex Legends Divided Moon

Divided Moon will likely be next map in Apex Legends

By Fariha Bhatti


Oct 18, 2022

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Apex Legends season 15, dubbed Eclipse, will add a brand new legend called Catalyst to the roster along with the in-game appearance of Divided Moon.

The rotation in Apex Legend currently features three maps out of four. Respawn is now considering extending the map pool with a new map that’d likely have ties to Seer’s lore. After a string of leaks surrounding a goth character, Catalyst, the developer finally announced it. But the teasers on official channels keep coming. It’s clear that Respawn isn’t done yet, and a brand new Apex Legends map is likely on the verge of release. 

The latest map teaser mentions “shattered moon of Boreas,” flaming wild theories among the Apex fans. 

The first clue was dropped when Octane and Seer were seen working together on a pitch to bring the squad to Seer’s home. Later, the official Apex handle shared an image of Octane’s grandfather looking over the proposal and typing something in return. It seems that the pitch was a success, and legends will now gear up for a new locale. Numerous messages about saving a planet were also seen on Apex Legends’ pages.

Where is Divided Moon in Apex Legends?

Leakers claim that the map will be called Divided Moon, based on the teasers and mined data. The massive March 22 Apex data breach also attests to the name revealed by the leakers.

So far, everything leaked in that breach has turned out to be accurate, so Divided Moon shouldn’t be an exception. The “Last Hope” story Outlands video and EA blog further confirms that the upcoming map will be located in Cleo, Boreas’ moon. Since Seer and Catalyst are from Boreas, fans have enough reason to believe that the upcoming map is tied to legends’ lore. 

Apex Legends Divided Moon

Since the meteor crashed into Cleo on Seer’s birth, Boreas has repeatedly been bombarded by pieces and shards, causing severe climatic disturbances. But it seems that legends will now travel to the shattered moon to battle it out, and maybe even save the falling planet while they’re at it.

The trailer shows that Catalyst will go on a mission to save the planet from collapsing. Whether she achieves her objective remains to be seen when the Apex Legends Season 15, Eclipse, kicks start on November 1. 


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