Andrea Botez ADHD

Andrea Botez talks potential ADHD diagnosis on Twitch

By Olivia Richman


Jan 4, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Some in the Twitch community are concerned with the Botez sisters’ choice of words once again after chess streamer Andrea Botez opened up about her ADHD.

Andrea and her sister are popular due to their high-level chess playing skills and relatable personalities displayed on stream. Many fans have noticed that Andrea is hyperactive and sometimes seems easily distracted. It’s something that Andrea has touched upon as well, even casually diagnosing herself on social media.

Does Andrea Botez have ADHD?

In a recent stream, Andrea decided to officially discuss her unusual behavior with fans. She admitted that she went to a doctor to get a diagnosis. She’s currently going through the discovery process, but at the moment it’s been revealed that she doesn’t officially have ADHD.

“I’m just an idiot. I don’t even have ADHD,” Andrea said on stream.

Some of the Botez sisters’ fans joked that Andrea was so hyperactive and distracted she couldn’t even finish a proper ADHD diagnosis. But others commented that Andrea essentially said that the side effects of ADHD are similar to “being an idiot.” A few viewers noted that casually saying you are “a little ADHD” is also harmful.

Botez sisters reach 1 million Twitch followers

Despite some recent controversy, the Botez sisters have continued to be very popular in the streaming world. Their joint Twitch account, BotezLive, recently hit 1 million followers. The sisters responded by thanking each other and their “beautiful community.”

“I didn’t expect that Twitch would bring us together,” Andrea said. “I never thought I’d be working with my big sister who also became my best friend. I learned a lot more from her than I would have learned in four years of college.”

The Botez sisters currently create content for Team Envy, focused on high-level chess playing.