Amouranth reveals what she’s been doing on her break

By Olivia Richman


Oct 23, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Kaitlyn “Amouranth” Siragusa has been taking a break after revealing a possibly abusive marriage with husband Nick Lee. But fans became confused as Amouranth was still posting to her Twitter every day. Some even thought that Lee was still controlling her Twitter.

Now, Amouranth has explained what it means to her to take a break after being allegedly forced to stream 12 hours a day by her abusive partner.

Earlier today, Amouranth posted a glamourous shot of her and some friends at a previous event. She wrote that she still had an action-packed schedule when she took a break from streaming in the past, filming various content and taking photos. But this time, Amouranth said she’s “not doing anything productive.”

“That means I’m not doing a photoshoot and haven’t shot since I’ve been free. So I don’t have new photos to share,” Amouranth said.

Amouranth calls out haters and skeptics during break

Amouranth also addressed some of her followers that questioned why she was still sharing photos with her cleavage.

While livestreaming for the first time after revealing her controlling relationship, Amouranth expressed relief that she no longer had to show her cleavage all the time and could “wear clothes” again. But then she posted a tweet a few days along with her break announcement where she was showing a lot of skin.

This left some fans confused, questioning why she was still posting sexy photos after breaking free from Lee, who allegedly forced her to do hot tub streams and OnlyFans. Some wondered if Lee was still controlling her accounts while others speculated that she made up the entire drama for attention.

But Amouranth has decided to call out people who are judging her for sharing photos in skimpy clothing on her social media.

“I don’t think some of you understand that one can be forced to do something for a prolonged period but in other instances want to do it of their own volition,” Amouranth said.

Amouranth’s supporters applauded her for calling out the haters, saying that she was explaining the “obvious.” Many were happy to see her feeling free and having fun, urging her not to care what people think.

For now, it’s still unclear when Amouranth will return to streaming and what her schedule and content will look like once she is done with her break.


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