Amouranth accused of lying to fans about plastic surgery

By Olivia Richman


Jun 8, 2021

Reading time: 1 min

Hot tub streamer Kaitlyn “Amouranth” Siragusa joined the Botez sisters on a trip to Miami, leading to an entertaining interaction with fellow beach-goers during a Just Chatting stream. 

Andrea and Alexandra Botez approached three neon-clad vacationers who were visiting from Chicago. It turned out that those three vacationers were in a polyamorous relationship. This led Andrea to say to Alexandra that she wanted to try something like that herself. When Alexandra responded in disgust at the idea, Andrea laughed and said she was talking about all of them wearing neon together. 

If that wasn’t a strange enough conversation, one of the women in the poly relationship turned to Amouranth and asked if her breasts were indeed “hers,” referencing their being either natural or the result of plastic surgery. 

Amoruanth answered in the affirmative that they were indeed real, and the woman immediately responded that this was a “lie.” 

This awkward and uncomfortable interaction got a lot of attention from the streaming community. Many people questioned why Amouranth would bother lying about having plastic surgery to a stranger wearing neon at the beach. Other viewers assumed that Amouranth had to keep up the lie that her breasts were real in order to maintain a certain appearance for her fans. Some felt that Amouranth had answered the way she did to avoid the question altogether because it was not the other woman’s business if Amouranth’s breasts were real or not. 

Either way, many people across social media declared that it was “obvious” Amouranth’s chest was surgically enhanced. No matter if she’s had such work done, Amouranth clearly was not comfortable discussing the topic with strangers on a beach, and it’s hard to blame her. Still, while it may be a personal matter, streamers who make their lives public in order to further their careers are inevitably going to deal with some awkward interactions around their personal lives.