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Amouranth accidentally sends $2 million to a random person

By Olivia Richman


Mar 7, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Kaitlyn “Amouranth” Siragusa is known for her OnlyFans content, wild business ventures, and her hard-hitting honesty. This time around, Amouranth admitted to fans on her personal Twitter that she accidentally sent a couple million dollars to a complete stranger.

On March 4, Amouranth sent a cryptic tweet out to her followers, asking what they would do if they found $2 million in their checking account.

Fans were unsure why Amouranth had asked the question, seeming to believe that a giveaway might be underway. In response, many explained what they would do with such a significant amount of money, including giving it to their parents and using it to pay medical bills.

Amouranth admits crazy mistake that cost her millions

It turns out that Amouranth asked the question due to a crazy mistake she made just a few days ago. On March 6, Amouranth explained that she had been trying to move money between a business bank account and an investment account but accidentally sent it to a random person’s account due to a typo.

“Somewhere out there is a person who got a crazy deposit notification,” Amouranth said.

Amouranth claimed that she figured it was just a “slow transaction,” not realizing that the money had actually been in another person’s account “for a while,” collecting interest.

A fan asked Amouranth if the bank would help the streamer recover the money. She responded that the bank would indeed help her correct the mistake. But it’s unclear what that entails and if the other person would get in trouble for not reporting the errant deposit sooner.

Amouranth also added that she may do a “moderate giveaway,” most likely inspired by the responses she got to her earlier tweet asking what people would do with the money.

Meanwhile, Amouranth is working with bankers and a branch manager to recover her $2 million. While she doesn’t seem too stressed about the situation, it sure is a big mistake to make, and one that most people can’t imagine happening to them.