Allu takes leave from ENCE as roster breakdown continues

By Fariha Bhatti


May 12, 2021

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ENCE AWPer Aleksi “allu” Jalli has announced a temporary break from competitive Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, citing “personal reasons.” 

The legendary Finnish player will be stepping back from professional play for the foreseeable future to rest and recuperate. Polish player Olek “hades” Miskiewicz will be substituted in for allu, but the timeline for his return is still unknown. The new stand-in is a young talent from Poland and has previously competed with Wisla Krakow. 

ENCE crashed during 2020, and allu’s break is most certainly a major hit to the feeble roster. That hasn’t helped allu, especially as it comes after frequent competition for years with minimal breaks. He acknowledged that this has “taken a toll” and he now wants to recharge for a stronger comeback. ENCE confirmed the news of his break while noting that the expectation is for him to return to the team. 

“Wellbeing and ability to operate in full form is a top priority for us, and we hope to see a fully refreshed allu on the servers.” The statement read.

Following two years of high turnover on ENCE’s CSGO roster, allu was the longest standing member of the roster. The organization lost multiple members from its previously successful roster, but allu was the team’s one constant. allu previously ruffled feathers on a podcast where he touched on team issues, leading to full-blown drama that culminated with the departure of Miikka “suNny” Kemppi. 

allu’s absence will leave a significant hole in ENCE’s roster, considering his extensive experience and AWPing role. The pro player has been part of ENCE’s active roster since 2018 and helped the team reach elite status in 2019 at the IEM Katowice Major. 

It’s still unknown when allu will return to the team, and both parties have suggested that his leave is only temporary. The team has significant tournaments lined up like ESL Pro League Season 14, so allu will likely return before July to help ENCE regain composure. ENCE’s next competition is the LOOT.BET Season 9 quarterfinal. 


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