All you need to know about Rocket League RMR in 2021

By Fariha Bhatti


Jul 3, 2021

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Rocket League may look like any other arcade style soccer game with its bright, child-like visuals, but its incredibly challenging ranking system proves how competitive it is. 

Ranking up in Rocket League isn’t a cakewalk. The steep learning curve and a high skill ceiling are massive hindrances for newer players joining Rocket League after the game became free to play in 2020. However, understanding how Matchmaking Ranks (MMR) works might help you level up quicker. 

What is MMR in Rocket League?

MMR is short for Matchmaking Ranking, which is a hidden number that determines your rank. The game doesn’t display your MMR, but it plays a crucial role in who you match up against. When you play a ranked game of Rocket League, the system calculates your skill level in MMR. The better you are, the higher your MMR will be. This number continues to go up as you win more games. 

This hidden number decides the rank of your enemies as well. Players get matched up with enemies who are in the same MMR pool, not the visible rank matches. So it shouldn’t be unusual for a Gold player to match up with Platinums, since it likely means that the Gold player has a high MMR and is close to hitting Platinum rank or vise versa. 

MMR is also heavily impacted by the ranks of your enemies. If you lose an easy game against a lower rank opponent, you are more prone to losing a large chunk of MMR than you would if you had lost against a higher MMR player. On the bright side, you also gain more elo when you defeat a high ranked player and waste less upon losing. 

Unfortunately, the game doesn’t post your MMR like the ranks on the front page of menu. There’s no straightforward way to know your MMR, except for a few third-party applications that may show your overall elo. However, it’s doubtful any app can show accurate MMR due to continuous tweaks to the Rocket League ranking system. 

What are all the ranks in Rocket League? 

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To unlock a rank in Rocket League, you must first reach level 10 to open the grind. After that, you’ll be required to play 10 placement matches in one competitive playlist. Rocket League ranks are broken down by each playlist, solo, duos, and threes. If you don’t play 10 matches in all playlists, you’ll remain unranked. 

  • 1v1 Duel
  • 2v2 Doubles
  • 3v3 Standard

These placement matches will determine your initial MMR and reveal a new rank based on it.

Here are all the Rocket League ranks

  • Bronze – I, II, III
  • Silver – I, II, III
  • Gold – I, II, III
  • Platinum – I, II, III
  • Diamond – I, II, III
  • Champion – I, II, III
  • Grand Champion – I, II, III
  • Supersonic Legend  


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